Vehicle in the Shop? Our Wisconsin Vehicle Rentals Can Help

Having maintenance and work done on your vehicle can be extremely inconvenient. If your car has ever been in the shop for more than just an hour or so, you know how frustrating it is to be stripped of your transportation. So why not invest in Wisconsin vehicle rentals?

Public transit is a hassle. The schedules often seem convenient, but the inconsistency of traffic and detours can mean that schedules aren’t always followed. Sometimes you’ll need to take several types of transit, as well.

Perhaps you’re thinking that cabs may work as a convenient alternative. But cab fees can build up quickly. Cabs become an expensive solution that still won’t offer you the freedom to pack up and go when you want to.

That’s where Wisconsin vehicle rentals can help! Our vehicles are a cheaper alternative to taking cabs everywhere, and offer the convenience that public transit can’t. And most insurance companies offer replacement programs, meaning you may not even have to pay for your Wisconsin vehicle rentals. Our insurance replacement vehicle program is easy and hassle-free. It allows you to start driving your Wisconsin vehicle rentals immediately so you’re not wasting any time or money.

Why Mayfair?

Our vehicles are always affordable and efficient. That’s why leading body shops in the state recommend us to their clients. Between our high quality fleet and our insurance replacement program, mechanics know that we’re the only choice for their clients.

Additionally, we offer vehicle pick-ups and deliveries. We know that it doesn’t make sense for you to take a cab to our Wisconsin vehicle rentals shop in order to pick up your vehicle. Why spend the money and time if you don’t have to?

Arrange a delivery service when you reserve your insurance replacement rental from Mayfair. Your rental agent can help. And better yet, it’s free! No extra costs are incurred when you arrange for delivery or pick up.

Mayfair is also recommended by leading repair facilities and insurance companies. We’re trusted by people who know cars. And we want what’s best for you while your vehicle is undergoing maintenance or repair.

Long or short term rentals

Your vehicle may be in the shop for a variety of reasons. For basic maintenance, you may be lucky in only being away from your car for a day or an afternoon. But if you work or have errands to run, you’ll still want a short-term rental from Mayfair.

However, larger repairs can take much longer. If you’ve recently been in a car accident, then your car may be in the shop for quite some time. And enduring the experiences of a collision is hard enough as it is. Insurance can be a nightmare, and you’ll need to deal with the post-collisions effects on your body and well-being. That’s why it’s particularly important to have hassle-free Wisconsin vehicle rentals. We can offer you long-term rentals that will help you continue your life as usual and go through the process of post-collision clean up.

Wisconsin vehicle rentals in all sizes

Maybe you just need a small sedan to commute to and from work. Maybe you need a van to transport the kids around. Perhaps it’s hunting weekend, and you need a truck to replace yours. Mayfair has it all!

Now you just have to pick which vehicle is best for you, and reserve it. Go online to book your Wisconsin vehicle rentals today.