How often do rates change?

Like all major car rental companies, Mayfair rates are subject to change at any time. Mayfair branches attempt to provide you the best value every day. Once you confirm your reservation, your rate will not change.

Are your rates guaranteed?

If you have a confirmed reservation, that is the price you will pay for that exact itinerary. If your itinerary changes, that could cause your rate to go up or down, depending on the prices in effect when you make your change.

Generally speaking, your best strategy is to confirm the reservation as soon as you know your travel plans.

What do I need to rent a vehicle from Mayfair?

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license issued in their country of residence, and an acceptable means of payment as identified in the Policies page. See the Policies page for additional requirements based on the form of payment.

If my plans change after I have reserved a car, can I modify an existing reservation?

In most cases, you can make changes to your reservation any time prior to the requested pick-up time. The rental rates, taxes and fees may change based on the new itinerary, vehicle and/or branch.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

The cancellation requirements are based on the vehicle and the date of rental. Some of our reservations do require advance deposit. In these cases, the deposit is forfeited for late cancellation, not qualifying or no-show.

The cancellation policy for all trucks, vans, luxury cars and sport utility vehicles is a required seven day notice or you will forfeit the deposit.

During holiday and peak times, a deposit and cancellation notice may be required for all other vehicles.
Please help us keep our costs low by canceling any reservations you cannot use. Always check the rules carefully before confirming your reservation.

What insurance does Mayfair offer?

The renter is responsible for any damage to the vehicle or liability that occurs during the rental period. Mayfair offers Loss Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Insurance that release you from that responsibility if you do not void the rental agreement. Your personal car insurance, homeowners’ policy, or credit card supplements may provide some coverage. Please check with your insurance agent before your travel date.

If you incur damages or liability not covered by your insurance, you will be personally responsible for those costs.

What is the minimum age for a renter?

All Mayfair branches rent to drivers at least 23 years of age. Mayfair branches rent to younger drivers age 21 – 22; however, there is an Underage fee of $10 per day.

What if I have additional drivers?

Mayfair does permit additional drivers. Please notify the Mayfair staff when completing your rental agreement as you pick up your vehicle. All additional drivers must be present and meet the same requirements as the primary driver. An Additional Driver Fee does apply.

Can I pick up my rental car at one Mayfair location and drop the rental car off at another Mayfair location?

Some locations offer one-way rentals to specific locations; however, there is a minimum $50 drop fee. This must be arranged with the rental branch at the beginning of the rental process.

Do you accept cash or debit cards as payments?

This policy is based on meeting the Debit Card and Cash Policy requirements. Before confirming your reservation, please check the Policies for payment information and restrictions.

Are there any hidden costs on the price I was quoted?

The Estimated Total Price includes all mandatory charges, taxes, and fees. There may be additional charges for insurance waivers, special equipment, child seats, additional mileage, fuel or other items.

If I return the vehicle early, will I receive a refund off of discounted or prepaid rentals?

In most cases, if you return the vehicle early, we will recalculate the rate and charge you the rate applicable to the length of time you actually had the vehicle. However, please be aware that a shorter rental may put the costs into a different rate plan. For example a 6-day rental may be calculated with a low weekly rate, but a 5-day rental may actually be higher based on 5 single-day charges.

There are no refunds for early returns off of discounted rentals. Also, the rates for 8, 12 and 15 passenger vans and luxury SUVs is based on the length of the rental and the daily rate will be higher for a shorter rental.

Do I need a special driver’s license to rent a large van?

A normal driver’s license can be used with vans up to 15-passenger capacity.

How do I obtain a shuttle to my rental car?

Once you have arrived at the Mitchell International Airport and have collected your luggage, you must contact the Mayfair Airport-Cudahy location at (414) 489-6600. The shuttle will meet your party at Baggage Claim 5 where the shuttles pick up.

When I pick up my rental car can I make last minute changes?

Yes. Some changes or modifications to your reservation may affect the rate.

Are there any guarantees that I will receive the make/model of car I have reserved?

Like other car rental companies, Mayfair does not guarantee that you will receive a particular model or color.

What if my travel is delayed?

Mayfair agrees to honor your reservation up to one hour beyond the scheduled arrival, within the branch’s normal operating hours.
Please understand that if you are delayed, we may not be able to accommodate your first choice in vehicles. In all cases, if you know you will be delayed, we advise you to call the rental office directly so they will know when to expect you. This will assure your delays are minimized.

What if I need to keep the vehicle longer than reserved?

The rental agreement is for a specific period as requested in your reservation. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle on or before the return time in the rental agreement. However, we realize that unforeseen events can affect your plans. If it is necessary to return a vehicle late, please contact the rental branch using the phone number printed on your rental agreement so that we can make our best efforts to accommodate your change in plans.

However, please understand that we may have promised that vehicle to another customer, based on your expected return time. Also, the rental rate may be higher or lower for the additional rental period. Please contact us as soon as you know of a change in plans.