Cash and Debit Card Rentals

Cash and debit card rentals are permitted for compact to full-size cars, minivans, cargo vans and passenger vans. Premium cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are not available for cash or debit card rentals.

All Acess and Prepaid Debit cards are allowed for final payment only.
Cash and debit card rentals must meet the following requirements and be approved by the Branch Manager:
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license. The license must be ‘Regular’. No ‘Occupational’ or ‘Probationary’ licenses are allowed. No out of state licenses are allowed.
  • Renter must be 23 years of age or older.
  • Utility bill from within the last 2 – 4 weeks. It must have the same name and address as the driver’s license. There cannot be an outstanding balance.
  • Payroll stub from within the last 15 days. It must have the same name and address as the driver’s license.
  • The entire cost of the rental plus an additional $250 deposit must be paid at the time of rental.
  • Renter’s personal automobile insurance will be verified with their insurance agent. The renter must have a current, in-force policy, with liability and physical damage coverage. If you do not carry either collision or liability insurance, we do offer the Loss Damage Waiver and the Supplemental Liability Insurance.
  • No judgements for $500.00 or more can be filed against the renter in the last 5 years.
  • No driving while under the influence violations in the past 3 years are allowed.
  • All documents must be submitted to the Branch Manager 48 business
    hours prior to the date and time of pick-up

Renter Responsibilities

Renters are responsible for all damages to the rental vehicle and any third party claims for liability.

Renters are responsible for returning the vehicle at the designated date and time shown on the rental agreement. If an extension is needed, the renter is responsible to contact Mayfair Rent-A-Car and to pay all necessary additional deposits.

It is the renter’s responsibility to understand what they are initaling and signing on the rental agreement; this includes any additional charges that may pertain to the rental. Our rental agents are trained to explain the agreement prior to the customer initaling and signing.

Two Day Minimum Charge

There is a two day minimum charge on all luxury cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, cargo vans, minivans and passenger vans rented from Noon on Thursday – Saturday and during Peak times.

Mitchell Int’l Airport Shuttle Process

When your party arrives at Mitchell Int’l Airport, please contact our branch at (414) 489-6600. Your party will be met by one of our Rental Agents at the Baggage Claim Area 4 shuttle side. We will shuttle your party to our branch to complete all necessary paperwork.

Mitchell Int’l Airport After-Hours Drop-Offs

Return the car to Wally Park at: 4747 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207. Please pull into the ticketing stand and push the display screen to receive a ticket for parking. Proceed to the main entrance/valet parking where your luggage can be take out, and the ticket can be given to the valet or front desk for the rental vehicle to be valet parked. They will have you fill out an envelope with the date and the time of return. Please allow a maximum of 15 minutes for a shuttle back to the airport. Local customers not needing airport shuttle should return rental vehicle directly to the office at which you picked up from.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations are honored for up to one hour after the scheduled pick-up time. We ask that you contact our Reservation Center at (888) 587-7368 or the rental branch directly if you need to change the pick-up time.

Deposit and cancellation requirements may vary based on specific circumstances.

Extensions of Rental

At the time of pick-up, you will be asked the expected return date and time. Only the renter is allowed to extend the rental agreement.

If you choose to extend the agreement, additional funds must be available on your credit or debit card. If additional funds are not available or a payment cannot be made, a request for extension will be denied and the vehicle must be returned on the original return date and time. In order to extend the rental period, cash renters must make an additional payment for deposit at the branch the vehicle was rented.

The rental rate quoted is valid for the original rental period. In the event you do need to extend your rental, please contact our branch office for your adjusted rental rate.

Rental Agreement Violations

Rental Agreement violations include, but are not limited to:
  1. Driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  2. Operation of the vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  3. Failure to return the vehicle by the due-back date and time.
  4. Failure to pay all charges at the time of return.

Loss Damage Waiver

Loss Damage Waiver is available while renting a vehicle. The waiver covers accidental damage, theft, and vandalism. Accidental damage is covered only when the renter complies with the rules and regulations of driving.

$17.99/day for cars

$29.99/day for trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles

Supplemental Liability Insurance

Supplemental Liability Insurance provides third party liability coverage. If involved in an accident with the rental vehicle, you are insured against bodily injury and property damage to a third party up to $1,000,000.


Personal Accident Coverage

Personal Accident Coverage provides the renter and passengers some compensation in the event of injuries, theft, or death while in possession of the rental vehicle.


Roadside Assistance

Gain additional peace of mind to protect you from unforeseen circumstances while on your trip. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Trained specialists are available to help you with a variety of common road hazards.


Additional Driver Fee

The renter and the renter’s legal spouse are authorized drivers at no additional expense. All other qualified drivers must be present at the time of rental with their valid driver’s license. The Additional Driver Fee is $10 per day per driver.

$15/day per driver

Underage Driver Fee

The minimum rental age is 23 years old without an additional fee. Any drivers that are 21 or 22 years old are subject to the $20 per day per driver Underage Driver Fee.

Fuel Purchase Plan

The rate you pay for your rental vehicle does not include the cost for fuel.

You can return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that you received it. If you do not fill the gas tank upon returning the vehicle, you will pay Mayfair Rent-A-Car for refueling the vehicle to the original level.

You may also prepay for a full tank of fuel at the start of your rental. A small convenience fee is applied above the cost per gallon.

Parking Tickets

The renter is responsible for paying for any and all parking tickets received while the vehicle is rented.

Clean-Up Fee Notice

We offer current model vehicles that have been cleaned and serviced for your driving convenience. We ask that you return this vehicle in the same condition that you received it. Vehicles returned excessively dirty may be subject to a minimum $75.00 clean-up fee.

Smoking, pets, and air freshners are not allowed in our rental vehicles.

There is a minimum $300 clean-up fee for any window paint, stickers, or decals

Out-Of-State Drivers Licenses

We require proof of collision and liability insurance, through an insurance company, that transfers to the rental vehicle. With an out-of-state driver’s license, we must be able to verify the insurance coverage with the insurance company.

This must be done during the normal business hours of the insurance company.