As a local business, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with more than an affordable selection of car rentals. We also strive to provide our clients with access to an ever-expanding catalogue of services through our trusted network of partners. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vehicle or thinking about embarking on an exciting Wisconsin vacation, we can help you put your plans in motion.

Looking to find yourself a set of permanent wheels? Then don’t forget to check out the selection of new and used vehicles posted on the Ewald Automotive Group website.

With an inventory of over 2000 quality vehicles, Ewald Automotive Group is bound to have a vehicle that suits your driving needs.

Why maintain a garage of corporate cars in-house when you can lease an entire fleet from Ewald Fleet Solutions? Fleet managers can help you crunch the numbers, providing you with in-depth analysis of your fleet to determine whether your company would benefit from our customized leasing program.

Not only will their team of experts help you price out a leasing and management program, they’ll even assist with the disposal of your current fleet, potentially purchasing one or more of your decommissioned vehicles.