Escape the Snow and Cold in Your Wisconsin Luxury Sedan!

Now that Christmas is over, the coming winter months can feel a little dreary. After all, we no longer have the festive season to look forward to. Now, it’s just spring to anticipate. If you need to get out of the cold and snow, take your Wisconsin luxury sedan on a winter getaway.

There are several warm or relaxing getaways outside Wisconsin that are easy to get to. Here are some ideas for where to bring your Wisconsin luxury sedan to relax.

Soak up the sun

Get your dose of vitamin D! Head down to Florida and stretch out on the beach.

The drive from Wisconsin to Florida will be about 1, 389.8 mile in your Wisconsin luxury sedan. It seems like a long trek, but it only comes up to be about 20 hours. Get a friend or family member to share the drive, and it’ll pass before you know it! After all, there’s plenty to see on the way. You’ll past through several states, each one filled with their own quirky sites.

Once you’ve in Florida, escape the typical Miami vacation and visit the Florida Keys. Make sure to try the Key lime candy and a fresh key lime pie while sipping margaritas in Margaritaville! If you’ve got the time, stop in for a quick tour of Ernest Hemingway’s house on Key West.

Of course, there’s also family friendly options like the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando. Containing a tropical lagoon, kid’s water play area, kid’s activities, and gorgeous gardens in which to take a sunset stroll.

Explore the capitol

A slightly closer (and less warm!) getaway is Washington, D.C. Just 872 miles – about 13 and a half hours in your Wisconsin luxury sedan – the drive offers different attractions than Florida. Right on the east coast, it’s an easy journey up to New England if you fancy a bowl of clam chowder.

There is plenty to do in Washington. See historical landmarks and museums, the White House and the Hay Adams Hotel. If you’re looking to stay in a luxury hotel to compliment your Wisconsin luxury sedan, check out The St. Regis Washington. Right around the corner from the White House, the St. Regis is stylish and luxurious.

Take a walking tour around to see the Roosevelt, Jefferson, Korea War Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Martin Luther King, Jr., World War II, Lincoln, and Washington Monuments. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

This trip will also take you through Chicago; why not stop to see the windy city on the way?

A nearby getaway

For a romantic getaway without leaving the state, book rooms at The Edgewater Hotel in Madison. This gorgeous hotel is perfect for a weekend to relax and enjoy the company of the one you love most. In appearance, the hotel offers a classic elegance, traditional charm, and stunning scenery on the edge of Lake Mendota which you can easily soak up through the vast windows. The hotel also offers a wintertime ice rink for a romantic skate around, or to entertain the kids if you’ve brought the whole family.

At the Edgewater, you won’t be missing out great food, that’s for sure! Ranging everywhere from classic pub fare to elegant fine dining and delectable wines, the food at Edgewater is certainly something to brag about! With 5 restaurants, you’ll be able to eat scrumptiously and drink well, including beers from across the state of Wisconsin.

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