Enjoy Sports Seasons: Tailgate with Wisconsin SUV Rentals!

Wisconsin isn’t just the place for brews and great cheese: we also have some of the best sports culture that can be found in the United States. Green Bay Packers fans are known for their rowdy, passionate loyalty and infectious excitement. And anyone who has taken their Wisconsin SUV rentals to a game knows how amazing the tailgating community is for these teams.

Now that the 2017 seasons are in full swing, it’s time to take a look at the teams that make this state so great. We’re looking forward to a good season with brews, brats, and ball games.

Milwaukee Brewers

Unfortunately, the Brewer’s season is now over. If you were lucky enough to catch a game this season, you’ll know that it was a good one. It shows a lot of promise for the 2018 season and we couldn’t be happier.

The roster is set to have a major impact on the upcoming season. New players have shown their worth and proven that the trades and purchases made by the Brewers were the smartest decisions that could have been made by the coaches.

Players like Knebel, Barnes, Hughes, Phillips, Hader, and Woodruff showed what these players could do. It’s got us definitely excited for next year!

Green Bay Packers

We’re right in the middle of the Green Bay Packers season! It’s our favorite time of the year. The season is in full swing and it’s a perfect time to reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals for a tailgating party. Our SUVs are great for this, as they offer all the space for your equipment and food.

So far the Packers are playing an excellent season, with 3 wins and a loss. While there’s a growing concern that the Packers have experienced excessive injuries this season and the way this may affect their playing, so far they’ve been doing well still. Spectators are concerned about the possibility of more injuries.

Of course, this can’t stall the excitement of Packers fans. The next home game takes place on October 22 at 12 pm versus Saints, followed by another home game on November 6 at 7:30 pm versus Lions. There are plenty of away games you can reach, but why go that far when you can enjoy the Packers in your Wisconsin SUV rentals right at home! Tailgate right at home with all the fans.

Wisconsin Badgers

In line with the love of college sport that is so great in this country, the Wisconsin Badgers have picked up quite the fan base. College sports have a very different atmosphere than pro sports. The intensity of the players is beyond anything you can imagine. Because they haven’t made it to the pros yet, they try harder to make an impression – never know when scouts are in the stands!

On top of this, college spectators are proud of both their city and their university, which intensifies the atmosphere further. Be prepared for people to get rowdy! And of course, there’s always tailgating at the game that you can enjoy with your Wisconsin SUV rentals. It’s a unique experience compared to NFL tailgating.

The season has started strong, with a 4 win streak right now. The next home game is versus Purdue on October 14, followed by another home game versus Maryland on October 21. All home games have free pre-game tailgate parties that you can enjoy.

Buy tickets early

Football games in the state sell out quickly, so buy your tickets early. The earlier you can plan your schedule, the earlier you can book your Wisconsin SUV rentals and that’s always a good plan.

Make the most out of the football season when you reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals from Mayfair today.