Enjoy Convenience with Milwaukee Vehicle Rentals Extensions!

At Mayfair, we believe in convenience for our clients. And not just in what is convenient for us as a business – but what is convenient for our clients as individuals. However, we understand that life isn’t always convenient. Sometimes, the end date for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals aren’t always easy to meet.

Life happens. We understand that. And sometimes that means that you have to adapt your schedule to suit the unexpected. That also means that we have to adapt to suit the unexpected. That’s why we offer extensions on our Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

The renter must extend

The first rule of having your Milwaukee vehicle rentals extended is that it must be extended by the primary renter. That means that whoever is renting the car must be the person who makes the call, as well as the one who enters the agency to complete the extension.

When you originally take your Milwaukee vehicle rentals out, you’ll be asked the return date. You’ll also need to provide a return time. However, you also have the flexibility to change that if need be.

Available funds

When you extend your rental, you must make sure that the funds are available on the credit or debit card under which your rental is registered. If you’re paying in cash, then you must make sure to attend the original rental branch to make the extension in person. Once there, you’ll be able to make a cash deposit in order to be granted an extension. Furthermore, funds must be available before the extension can be approved. If this is the case, then you’ll need to adhere to the original return date and time for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be aware that your price will change. While this goes without saying for most clients, it never hurts to remind our clients! Our original quoted price will change to accommodate the extra days required.

No extra fees

While some car rental companies may charge admin costs for extra days, we simply add on fees for those days without admin costs. After all, our company is about convenience. And what could be convenient about a bill that is beyond reason? We don’t believe that a bill with exorbitant administration fees is within reasonable limits. That’s why we make sure that you are charged only for what you’re using.

Check your insurance

Mayfair Wisconsin vehicle rentals offer more than just extensions. We have the opportunity of providing a wide variety of rental benefits, including insurance.

Of course, if you have your own insurance, you need to ensure you are covered for the extended period. While there’s no reason that your coverage shouldn’t offer you protection for the extra couple days, it doesn’t hurt to check. Otherwise, make sure you’ve extended your insurance with Mayfair.

Extra fees

If there are extra fees, you will be made aware of them. For instance, the $10 a day for an extra driver will continue if you have an extra driver while you extend your rental. Additionally, any fees you had for insurance, underage drivers, a fuel purchase plan, or other benefits included in your rental will be added with your rental extension. Remember these when you’re asking for a new quote.

Of course, our cleaning fees will continue to apply if you return a dirty car. Make sure you keep your vehicle clean upon return. Remove trash, and give it a quick brush out to remove any excess dirt. This will help reduce any fees you may incur.

For convenient rentals, reserve your Milwaukee vehicle rentals from Mayfair today.