Enjoy Convenience with Milwaukee Vehicle Rentals Extensions!

At Mayfair, we believe in convenience for our clients. And not just in what is convenient for us as a business – but what is convenient for our clients as individuals. However, we understand that life isn’t always convenient. Sometimes, the end date for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals aren’t always easy to meet.

Life happens. We understand that. And sometimes that means that you have to adapt your schedule to suit the unexpected. That also means that we have to adapt to suit the unexpected. That’s why we offer extensions on our Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

The renter must extend

The first rule of having your Milwaukee vehicle rentals extended is that it must be extended by the primary renter. That means that whoever is renting the car must be the person who makes the call, as well as the one who enters the agency to complete the extension.

When you originally take your Milwaukee vehicle rentals out, you’ll be asked the return date. You’ll also need to provide a return time. However, you also have the flexibility to change that if need be.

Available funds

When you extend your rental, you must make sure that the funds are available on the credit or debit card under which your rental is registered. If you’re paying in cash, then you must make sure to attend the original rental branch to make the extension in person. Once there, you’ll be able to make a cash deposit in order to be granted an extension. Furthermore, funds must be available before the extension can be approved. If this is the case, then you’ll need to adhere to the original return date and time for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be aware that your price will change. While this goes without saying for most clients, it never hurts to remind our clients! Our original quoted price will change to accommodate the extra days required.

No extra fees

While some car rental companies may charge admin costs for extra days, we simply add on fees for those days without admin costs. After all, our company is about convenience. And what could be convenient about a bill that is beyond reason? We don’t believe that a bill with exorbitant administration fees is within reasonable limits. That’s why we make sure that you are charged only for what you’re using.

Check your insurance

Mayfair Wisconsin vehicle rentals offer more than just extensions. We have the opportunity of providing a wide variety of rental benefits, including insurance.

Of course, if you have your own insurance, you need to ensure you are covered for the extended period. While there’s no reason that your coverage shouldn’t offer you protection for the extra couple days, it doesn’t hurt to check. Otherwise, make sure you’ve extended your insurance with Mayfair.

Extra fees

If there are extra fees, you will be made aware of them. For instance, the $10 a day for an extra driver will continue if you have an extra driver while you extend your rental. Additionally, any fees you had for insurance, underage drivers, a fuel purchase plan, or other benefits included in your rental will be added with your rental extension. Remember these when you’re asking for a new quote.

Of course, our cleaning fees will continue to apply if you return a dirty car. Make sure you keep your vehicle clean upon return. Remove trash, and give it a quick brush out to remove any excess dirt. This will help reduce any fees you may incur.

For convenient rentals, reserve your Milwaukee vehicle rentals from Mayfair today.

The Myriad Benefits of Booking a Wisconsin Passenger Van Rental

Do you have a group trip coming up? Trying to figure out the logistics to make this trip as relaxing and efficient as possible? Look no further than Mayfair’s Wisconsin passenger van rentals with 10, 12, or 15 seats. We’re confident that our rental options are best for any group travel. After all, the world is your oyster, and having a proper vehicle for your holiday opens up imaginable opportunities!

Summer camps in Wisconsin

Are you traveling with a group of kids to or from summer camp? Then a passenger van is perfect.

If you’re working with the camp, then a passenger van is definitely the way to go for day trips. Our passenger vans offer convenient, comfortable, and efficient travel options for kids. They get plenty of space to chat, while you have the space to drive safely.

If you’re a parent with a group of kids – whether your own or yours and your kids’ friends – then a passenger van is the most eco-friendly option for commute. Car pool in comfort with our Wisconsin passenger van rentals.

For a list of overnight summer camps in Wisconsin, see here. For all other camps, including daytime camps and youth programs, visit Wisconline Summer Camps.

Mission trips and visiting missionaries

Mission trips can take all forms. Whether it’s construction work, work with the food pantry, or less fortunate communities, transporting groups of missionaries will take Wisconsin passenger van rentals. These vans also have the space to bring any supplies and cargo you need for the trip.

Food pantry needs

Running a food pantry is never easy work. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and, for certain errands, a vehicle that can take the work. Our Wisconsin passenger van rentals have the space for your volunteers as well as your cargo. After all – the more the merrier!

And of course, it’s always easier to do shopping and pick up trips when you’ve got more people.

Camping in Wisconsin

Outdoor activities are big in Wisconsin. We love everything to do with the outdoors, and have myriad activities on offer because of it. Camping is a major summer activity. And camping in groups can be a blast!

Of course, then, you’ll need Wisconsin passenger van rentals. When it comes down to it, if you’re camping in the Wisconsin wild then you love nature. And why waste fuel or add to your carbon footprint by renting multiple vehicles? Using your Wisconsin passenger van rentals to bring the whole gang camping will allow you to go camping in an eco-friendly style.

There’s also plenty of cargo space for your food, equipment, and whatever entertainment you need to bring for the trip.

Benefits of passenger vehicles

At Mayfair, we believe in option and opportunity. That’s why we offer 10, 12, and 15 passenger vehicles for all of your group travel needs. But you also need to be aware of fuel needs. However, we don’t want this to discourage customers from renting Wisconsin cargo van rentals – after all, you save in other costs. But it’s important you know the fuel capacity. For city, it’s 14 MpG, and for highway it’s 19.

For additional safety, Mayfair’s Wisconsin cargo van rentals also offer rearview back-up cameras and a reverse sensing system. Many drivers become uncomfortable at the thought of driving a vehicle larger than they’re used to. The reverse sensing system will give you peace of mind, as well as added physical safety to you and your passengers.

Enhance your summer holiday with Wisconsin cargo van rentals from Mayfair. Reserve yours today!

Back to School! Reserve a Milwaukee Cargo Van for Moving Day

It’s your favorite time – moving season! Though it may feel like you just moved your kid yesterday, it’s finally that time again to move your kids back to school. While they may be excited to be going back, you’re probably getting flashbacks to the chaos of last moving day. Don’t get stressed – get a Milwaukee cargo van from Mayfair.

Plan, plan, plan!

Many college kids work best on a deadline. That is, they work best in the 48 hours before the deadline. This may mean that the push for a plan could be up to you. And planning is important – after all, organization requires forethought.

If you don’t have a vehicle, or at least not one large enough for moving, then you’ll need to reserve a Milwaukee cargo van. The sooner you reserve your vehicle, the better. Suburbans and pick up trucks are also available for smaller moves. All you have to do is pick the right one for you.

Properly packing your Milwaukee cargo van

When moving, it’s important to pack your vehicle properly. Of course, there are many ways to properly pack your vehicle, depending on how much cargo there is. However, we can offer you some times.

Similarly to packing the boxes themselves, it’s important to balance the weight. Largest items go to the back. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean all of your heaviest items should go along the back wall. As mentioned, balance the weight equally around the cargo area. You don’t want unbalanced weight to throw off your Milwaukee cargo van while turning corners or braking.

Next, don’t forget the insulation! Protect your breakables from damage by adding in lots of pillows, packing popcorn, and blankets.

For a more detailed explanation of how to properly pack your Milwaukee cargo van, see our blog. We offer complete advice on ensuring easy loading and unloading to make your day a little more efficient.

Book parking

Parking around the university isn’t always easy to come by – particularly during moving time. Book your parking spot early.

But don’t just book anywhere. Do some research in advance to find the best parking spots around the university residences. Useful in this task are parking apps. The City of Milwaukee released the MKE Park app that helps you pay for meter parking across the city to avoid the hassle of coins.

Similarly, ParkMe is a useful website that helps you find parking around the city. It tells you prices, location, distance from your destination, and whether or not you can reserve a spot in the lot.

Earlier the better

It’s a classic tale – early bird gets the worm! The earlier in the day you move, the better. It will be less chaotic, and to keep the flow of movers steady as you leave your spot another comes in.

However, the earlier in the month you can move, the better. Some dormitories limit the days in which you can move in. If that’s so, then you won’t have much choice in days. But if your child is moving into an apartment, the earlier you can get the moving out of the way, the easier it will be.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to avoid the rush. But if you show up and can’t find a spot, or there’s simply no room to move in, sometimes later in the day really is your best bet. Most parents don’t want to be moving in the evening, after all. The benefit of moving in a Milwaukee cargo van, suburban, or pick up truck is that you don’t have to deal with the bulk of hefty moving trailers.

Plan, reserve, stay stress-free. Book your Milwaukee cargo van or truck rental from Mayfair Rent-A-Car today!

Ewald Automotive Group Supports Our Veterans

Here in America, we’re proud of our veterans. We know how much they’ve given and sacrificed for our country, and know how important it is to show our gratitude. Often, this comes in the form of parades or pins. But at Ewald Automotive Group, we understand that pride and support runs a little deeper. Similarly, with each Wisconsin car rental or sale with one of our companies, you’re contributing to the veteran community.

This July, the Ewald Automotive Group has announced the eight charities to which we’ll be donating.

Ewald’s military connections and program

In 1964, a World War II Navy Veteran, Mr. Emil Ewald, founded Ewald Automotive Group. His loyalty and dedication to our country quickly led him to create one of the most prominent Wisconsin car rental and sales agencies. Now, current owners Craig, Brian, Dan, & Tom Ewald and sons operate Ewald Automotive Group with the same dedication to American veterans.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a Military Advantage Program to all those on active or reserve duty, veterans, and immediate family members or widows of veterans. This program offers military discount pricing on new and used vehicle sales, coupons for repairs and service, vehicle rental discounts, and special offers.

To find out more about Ewald’s Military Advantage Program, visit Ewald Automotive Group’s website.

Employing veterans

Supporting veterans goes beyond simply donating money. Equally important, support for veterans means giving them opportunities and providing work after they’ve left service.

As such, the companies of Ewald Automotive Group are happy to supply employment for veterans. We proudly employ more than 40 veterans across our community. Of course, we are always happy to welcome more into our family. Moreover, we are always looking for new ideas and ways to increase employment opportunities for veterans.

On that note, if you or someone you know are interested in a career being a Wisconsin car rental or sales agent, see our careers webpage.

Community donations

At Ewald Automotive Group, we encourage our employees to support the veteran community. Ewald has contributed more than $135,000 to various military charities, with the help of our Wisconsin car rental and sales agents. From here on, we look forward to topping our current fundraising efforts with even larger donations.

The charities

This July, Ewald will be donating to eight charities that support veterans across the United States. On top of several American Legion posts, Ewald Automotive Group will also be donating to Operation Freedom, Dryhootch, and the United Service Organizations (U.S.O).

In the past, we have donated to various other charitable organizations. Some of these have included the Troop Café, The Folds of Honor Foundation, The Fisher House of Wisconsin, The Oconomowoc War Memorial Park, The Stand Up and Play Foundation, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. Each one deserves support and community involvement, and we are proud to have contributed. We always encourage our employees and our community members to get involved.

We’re open to suggestions for new charities. Please help us in our support of our veterans and those on active duty. We want to carry on the traditions created by our founder, Emil Ewald, and show our pride in our country. When you reserve from Ewald or Mayfair, you’re showing your commitment to those traditions, as well.

Proudly supporting veterans. To show your support, there’s only one place to reserve your Wisconsin car rental – Mayfair Rent A Car.

It’s Time for the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin!

The EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is back!

One of the biggest events of the year has flown back into Oshkosh and we’re all very excited! With many of our guests flying in specifically for this event – whether from out of town, or because they’re showing off their own unique aircraft – the EAA Airventure is a busy time for Wisconsin sedan and minivan rentals. For a trip like this, you certainly want to plan in advance.

We’ve helped you out by outlining some of the major events and features of the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, while also filling you in on some important info for your Wisconsin sedan and minivan rentals.

What is EAA Airventure?

Let’s start with the basics. If you’ve never heard of or been to an EAA Airventure before, you may not be sure what the big fuss is about. Once you’ve been, though, you’ll understand.

The EAA Airventure is one of the largest of its kind, attracting an excess of 10,000 aircraft, both vintage and modern. Nearly 750,000 people fly or drive in from all over the country for the chance to take part in a week of aircraft fun and spending time with like-minded people.

Even if you’re not an aircraft enthusiast, this festival really is a sight you don’t want to miss. Kids and adults alike will thrill over the vintage bombers and crafts as they dance their way through the sky.

As well as remaining on display for viewing, many of these aircrafts take part in the daily demonstrations and airshows, and exhibits are available for educational purposes. Around 1,000 seminars and forums are available for the amateur and the expert aircraft hobbyist.

Events at EAA Airventure

EAA Airventure runs from July 23 until July 30. If you haven’t already bought tickets buy them here so you don’t miss out! Ticket options include weekly and daily passes, as well as a Sunday Only pass and a two-day special. Plenty of options so you can choose the right one for you!

It would be impossible to list all the many events over the week in just one article. We’ll simply highlight a few of the key and major attractions that you don’t want to miss.

For the lover of military history, you certainly won’t want to miss the Parade of Bombers with B-52, A-20, B-17s and many others. You’ll also want to likely catch the U.S. Navy Blue Angels as they perform a spectacular airshow for onlookers. You may also have heard of the Doolittle Raiders mission of April 1942. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. As such the last veteran of that raid will be present for the celebrations at EAA Airventure.

In the U.S., we have a special fascination with space. This year, you’ll have the opportunity to meet astronauts from various Apollo missions in celebration of the Apollo Progam’s 50th anniversary! What a thrill!

Various heritage flights, including the A-10 Thunderbolt II will be sweeping the skies around Oshkosh. Theme days offering historical perspectives on flight, the latest innovations and technology, and a look at great aviators can also be found throughout the weeklong festival.

Keep traffic in mind

Because this is such a major event for Wisconsin, the roads tend to take a small hit. Traffic during the EAA Airventure isn’t what anyone would call “smooth”. But, keep the heavy traffic in mind and you’ll be just fine in your Wisconsin sedan and minivan rentals.

Avoid rushed schedules. Give yourself plenty of time to get anywhere you need to go, and if you’re driving your Wisconsin sedan and minivan rentals alone, maybe bring along a podcast or your favorite CDs. Keep calm. This is a joyous time for Oshkosh and there’s no point marring it with traffic stress! Plan your route in advance, book parking ahead of time when possible, and be aware of alternative routes to and from your hotel.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get a glimpse into our country’s aviation history. Reserve your Wisconsin sedan and minivan rentals from Mayfair today!

More Options Now Available for Wisconsin Transit Van Rentals!

Here at Mayfair Rent-A-Car, we’re all about making it easy for you. That means offering the best deals, with the best service, on the most up to date and versatile fleet. Our fleet of rentals is constantly growing to match market needs and the ever-progressive technology in green automobiles. This includes offering more options for your Wisconsin transit van rentals.

We know that when you’re moving or taking a large group trip, you want the efficiency and comfort to get you through the travel-time as a large vehicle on busy roads. That’s why we offer Ford Transit Vans. Reliable, comfortable, efficient. And now, we offer our Wisconsin transit van rentals in both black and white! The new color choices will be available for our 12 and 15 passenger transit van models.

Easy accessibility

Our Wisconsin transit van rentals offer you the easy accessibility that you need for large groups and travel. With a medium height roof, you will still want to watch for low roof drops but generally, you should have an easy time travelling through most places.

However, don’t take that to mean there is limited headspace. First row seating offers 52 inches of head room, while the last 3 rows provide a full 55.8 inches in head room. Even your tallest friends and family won’t need to worry about bumping their noggin!

What it has in head room, it also offers in leg space. Stretch out and relax when you’re not on driving duty with the comfortable, spacious seats available in our Wisconsin transit van rentals.

Fuel and tank size

Of course, on any larger vehicle your fuel efficiency is going to drop slightly. You’re not driving a small sedan, after all. However, in terms of larger vehicles the Ford Transit vans are fairly rated for fuel efficiency. The 26-gallon tank and V6 engine provide 14 miles per gallon in the city, and 19 highway miles per gallon.

Remember also that fuel efficiency relies on a number of other factors, including speed, braking, and weight. In other words, the more cargo you have packed into your Wisconsin transit van rentals, the fewer miles you’ll get from your tank. Of course, heavy cargo is sometimes unavoidable. But do what you can to keep your speed down and brake carefully, and you’ll maximize your fuel efficiency.

Want more ways to boost your fuel efficiency? Head to our archives to read our article on how to get the most out of your petrol budget.

Driving the Wisconsin transit van rentals

All of our Wisconsin transit van rentals are rear-wheel drive. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s not a bad idea to drive it a couple times around a quiet city block to get used to the braking and acceleration of this size of vehicle with rear-wheel drive.

For added convenience, these vehicles all also offer cruise control to make sure your speed stays efficient.

Other safety features include the rearview back-up camera and reverse sensing system. For many people, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of driving a vehicle of this size is the thought of reversing. It can be difficult to see behind you, and particularly challenging to know what may be underneath your back bumper. These back-up systems will give you a bit of peace of mind, as well as better control over your vehicle.

Other luxury features include a long arm power mirror to minimize your blind spots and a power driver seat to help you get comfortable. Privacy glass in the lightly-tinted windows will mean you can have a family sing-along without neighboring drivers looking in. A rear window defogger will help for those muggy foggy days to increase visibility. Finally, the remote keyless entry offers that added touch of luxury and convenience when you’re carrying bags and don’t want to go rooting for your keys.

Don’t hesitate – reserve our new black and white Wisconsin transit van rentals for your next family vacation! See your options on Mayfair’s website today.

Music Festivals Jazz Up Wisconsin This Summer

You may not know this, but Wisconsin is big on music festivals. And boy do we ever know how to do them right! If so desired, you’ll have an inexhaustible supply of music festivals to tour around the state in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

While Summerfest may overshadow the smaller, less well-known of the festivals, the little ones still have plenty to offer. As well, they can provide the cultural experience you may need before heading off for a weekend camping in the woods. You really can have your cake and eat it too in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals this year.

Summerfest, Milwaukee

We’ll go with the largest, most famous festival first. Summerfest is officially the world’s largest music festival. Stretching across 11 whole days of musical entertainment, you’ll have the option to take breaks from listening to music to enjoy stand-up comedy, demonstrations, organized activity for both adults and children, and rides. Kids won’t have a chance to get bored when they see the children’s play area.

And of course, as you wander around the 13 stages of musical fun, you’ll be able to enjoy some of Milwaukee’s best vendors in street food and food trucks.

Summerfest runs from June 28 until July 9.

Mile of Music, Appleton

The Mile of Music festival in Appleton, Wisconsin really is just as it sounds – a mile of music. Set up along a mile of Appleton’s main commercial areas, Mile of Music is completely free to enjoy. The festival offers a little something for everyone with music ranging from Americana roots and soul to country and folk and jazz and indie.

While you walk along enjoying the sounds of America’s best local bands, get a taste of Appleton’s downtown core. Food, shopping, and plenty of spaces to sit and enjoy the company of your loved ones make this town a great spot to enjoy with the whole family. But, don’t forget to scout parking for your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals early!

Mile of Music runs from August 3 until August 6.

Country Thunder, Twin Lakes

Are your tastes a little more country? Well pack up the family in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals and head on down to Twin Lakes from July 20 until July 23. This four day festival offers some of the biggest names in country music, including this year Chase Bryant, Billy Currington, Thomas Rhett, Maddie & Tae, Dallas Smith, Jason Aldean, and others. Country Thunder always gets great reviews for its ability to score the hottest names in country today, as well as introduce up and coming talent.

When you need a break from country, you’ll be able to enjoy rides, helicopter tours, late-night entertainment acts, plenty of vendors, and great food. Camping available on site, so make sure to pack a tent in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

Prairie Dog Blues Festival, Prairie du Chien

From July 28 until July 29 you’ll have the chance to enjoy globally renowned blues bands, as well as well-known acts from around the country and your local region. Fill your ears with some of America’s most soulful music for two days and enjoy great American street food to top it all off.

While there is camping on site, if your tastes lean toward the hotel-style of vacation, Prairie Dog Blues Festival offers a motel shuttle to attendees. You can park your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals at the motel and have peace of mind knowing you can have fun without having to worry about finding parking at the festival or driving at the end of the night.

Believe it or not, these are only a few of the many music festivals offered throughout the state of Wisconsin this summer. So get out and explore to enrich yours and your kids’ summer holidays!

You’ll need great Wisconsin summer SUV rentals to help you out. Reserve your vehicle from Mayfair Rent a Car today.




Congratulations to our Partners, Ewald Automotive Group, on the Award!

We want to congratulate our partners at Ewald Automotive Group who have won the 2017 Top Workplaces award. We’re so proud of their achievement! As a collective, we are proud of our companies’ ability to maintain employee satisfaction. We believe that when our Wisconsin car sales and rental agents are happy, our community is happy. Ewald Automotive Group takes this mission to a whole new level.

Worker satisfaction

It’s important to create a community of happy employees and happy clients. Ewald’s award speaks for itself, but why not hear from the employees as well.

Some reviews from Ewald’s Wisconsin car sales and rental agents, who state what they love about working for Ewald Automotive Group:

“The company values me as an employee, and it presents new challenges every day!”

“The owners come around and encourage with positive attitude.”

“I have worked for Ewald Automotive Group for 43 years. That says it all.”

“The family atmosphere.”

“No limit with potential.”

“Management is open to new ideas, and empowers their employees.”

Like Ewald, Mayfair makes sure the family atmosphere runs throughout the entire company. That’s why our group of companies has employees who stay with us for years on end.

Ewald’s mission

Ewald Automotive Group’s success and winning of this award is the result of more than 52 years of hard work and dedication to employees and the Wisconsin car sales and rental industry. From Ewald Automotive Group’s mission, “We cater to the client and make the purchase or servicing of a vehicle as easy and cost-effective as possible within a reasonable timeframe.”

For more than 5 decades, Ewald Automotive Group has been servicing vehicles and topping the state’s charts in dealing and renting both foreign and domestic automobiles. Ewald Automotive Group is constantly renewing their fleet. The newest technology and latest models in select vehicles are constantly being introduced to Ewald’s Wisconsin car sales and rental fleet.

Commitment to the future

The Ewald Automotive Group is committed to the future. This means that Ewald thinks about technological advances in cars, and about the best way to ensure Ewald and partner company employees are dedicated to a future in our community.

Ewald have a selection of hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles for Wisconsin car sales and rentals. This allows for fuel efficiency, as well as for another “green” life style decision. Our full eco-friendly fleet can be found here.

Ewald Automotive Group offers both new and used vehicles, as well as rental vehicles. Ewald also offers service options for your vehicle, from basic maintenance to full revamps on your vehicle.

Join the team

Ewald Automotive Group has 9 locations across Wisconsin. This means that they are constantly looking to expand and increase our community – the more, the merrier!

Right now they are conducting a statewide recruitment search for new team members. Would you like to work in this year’s top workplace? If you’ve got the drive and ambition and a desire to work within a strong rental community, then apply to work at Ewald Automotive Group today.

As well as working in a top workplace of Wisconsin, you’ll have a number of other benefits like life insurance and a 401(K) retirement program. If hired, you’ll also have paid time off, paid holidays, employee perks and discounts, health and dental insurance, vision insurance, and both long-term and short-term disability insurance.

Working with Ewald has plenty of perks, but why talk about them when you can experience yourself.

Congratulations again to Ewald Automotive Group on their big win!

Looking for a great rental? Reserve from Top Workplace of the Year’s partner, Mayfair Rent A Car.

Pack Your Wisconsin Summer SUV Rentals for a Weekend of River Tubing Fun!

Here in Wisconsin, we know the great outdoors. We’ve got every sporting activity you can think of, plus some! But let’s go back to the basics – river tubing! River tubing is a much loved past time in Wisconsin, and we certainly have the rivers for it. If you have your own tubes – great! Our Wisconsin summer SUV rentals will offer the space to transport them. If not, there are plenty of places that offer rentals.

Whether you’re new to Wisconsin or tubing or just looking for a fresh spot, we’ve outlined a few of the best rivers to which you can bring your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

Wolf River

Whether you’re looking for a lazy river kind of day or fast and furious, Wolf River has it all. Downstream you’ll find a quiet, relaxing current. This is also particularly good for families with small children who may be frightened of the faster currents. Upstream near Langlade County, the river is on a much more dramatic slope. Dropping a whopping 430 feet over 28 miles of river, the current will definitely bring you on an adventure.

Two spots along the way offer tubing rentals. Bob & Joni’s Rafting & Tubing in White Lake offers 5-6 and 2-3 hour rentals. We’d recommend reservations for their business, as it gets quite busy in the summer.

Wolf River Trips & Campground in New London provides both camping facilities and tubing, canoeing, and kayak trips up river. Campgrounds have tent and RV sites and amenities including a shower, laundry, bar and grill, tennis and volleyball courts, playground and game room for the kids, boat landing, shuttle service, pavilion, and a dump station. So don’t forget to pack a tent in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

Wisconsin River and Manitowish River

Are you hoping to spot some wildlife on the waters? Then check out Wisconsin and Manitowish Rivers. Here you’re guaranteed to see a few loons lazily swimming along. Go early enough in the morning, and the peace and quiet will offer a perfect amount of silence to enhance the beautiful sound of their songs. You’re also likely to see eagles flying up above as you lounge on your tube.

Hawks Nest Canoe Outfitters in Manitowish Waters offers rentals and a shuttle. Rentals include tubing, canoe camping, canoeing, rafting, fishing trips, outfitting, kayaking, and guides.

Sugar River

Sugar River is as sweet as its name. The river runs south of Madison, with gentle currents that provide beautiful views of forests and rolling farmlands. It’s a fantastic way to take in some of the landscape while keeping cool in the waters.

Two outfitters can help you out. Sweet Minnihaha in Brodhead and Crazy Horse Campground, also in Brodhead, are two family-oriented campgrounds and rental spots from which you can push off into the river. With everything from canoes and kayaks and fishing, they’ll fulfill any type of outdoor need.

Wisconsin River

If you’re yearning for a stunning vista and spots to relax, the check out Wisconsin River. The shores are studded with forests and the Lower Wisconsin River is surrounded by rock formations thrusting up from the earth. Sandbars and islands are not uncommon on this river, offering great places for a picnic or little dip.

Point Bluff Resort in Wisconsin Dells and Wisconsin Riverside Resort in Spring Green offer spots to camp up. Or, perhaps more appropriately, “glamp” up. Both of these resorts are full of amenities including all your basics, but with delightful food, dancing, and entertainment as well. If you’re looking for cabin stays, these are the spots for you.

Begin on the tubing trip of a lifetime! Reserve your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals from Mayfair to gain the space and the convenience you need to fully enjoy your trip.

Introducing the New Wisconsin Eco-Friendly Car Rental: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Here at Mayfair, we have a commitment to progress. Whether in our own company or in the process of making our world a greener place, we support improvement in automotive technology. And we take that support beyond simple words. That’s why we’re introducing the new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to our fleet. Our goal is to have as many Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental options, and it begins here.

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is new this year, and combines a chic style with efficient driving. Are you a company looking to meet green goals? Or an individual who simply has a commitment to living as green a life as possible? Either way, this is the vehicle for you.

The hybrid: efficiency and convenience

When it comes to eco-friendly cars, it’s all about mileage. This Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental gets, to the gallon, 39 city miles and 45 highway miles, with about 42 miles combined.

Of course, when it comes to hybrids, it’s not just about gas mileage. If you’re driving on combined gas-electric then you’ll get 590 miles for a single battery charge. However, this vehicle also offers an electric-only mode. Are you just driving your Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental around the city? Taking it on a short trip for errands or to run your kid to their sporting event? Then the electric-only is perfect, offering up to 27 miles on a single charge. We all know that city driving is a great way to guzzle gas, so save the money and save the fuel with this option.

Comfort of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The thing about the Sonata, is that it’s not just a Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental. It’s so much more. Seating 5, it’s comfortable for family day trips or business meetings. And we mean it when we say comfortable. The interior is spacious and cozy, so even long drives will be relaxing.

The driver’s seat offers enhanced lumbar support to make sure your back isn’t aching by the end of your trip. Legroom is in full supply, too. We just can’t get over how well designed are the interior of these vehicles!

Always know where you stand

The Sonata is about top technology. Its modern-day mission controls offer accurate, highly detailed stats about your trip and your vehicle’s fuel and battery levels. This allows you to control when you’re battery-only and when you’re combined. You’ll never be stuck questioning how to plan your trip.

Features of the Sonata

These days, vehicles are all about features. What new technology can those engineers put out? If you’re looking for top-notch entertainment and music, the Sonata has pretty much everything you can think of. Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make sure that no matter your device, you have your music available.

It can always be a bit frustrating coming out of the store only to have to dig around to find your keys while your arms are full. For increased convenience, keyless entry will stop you from digging through your pockets or bag. Proximity Key entry with push button start is up and coming technology that we simply love!

The available hands-free SmartTrunk also works with the proximity key to ensure convenience. Of course, you’ll also gain power windows and locks – particularly convenience for warm summer days. Finally, no matter how green, safety is also a top priority. That’s why the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid also offers a rearview mirror to enhance your safety as well as the safety of your children and animals.

Fulfill your green initiatives with the new Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental – the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Reserve your vehicle today.