Mayfair is Wisconsin’s Trusted Company for Milwaukee Business Rentals

Here at Mayfair, our customers come from all backgrounds with all types of car rental needs. From the family of 4 just looking for a getaway, to the business professional requiring an efficient, reliable, and chic car – we’ve got you covered. We’re known for our great Milwaukee business rentals program to make your business trip a relaxing one.

We know your business is important to you. As part of that, your employees are important for you too. You want them in the best hands, while also using the best company and car hire rates for your business. Mayfair can help you there. Our Milwaukee business rentals clients use their vehicles for all kinds of trips. Whether it’s a one-day trade show or weeklong convention, our corporate program helps you find the best car for the best deal. Read on to find out why you can trust Mayfair for all of your Milwaukee business rentals needs.

Corporate program for Milwaukee business rentals

Our corporate customers are so important to us that we decided to make a program especially for them. We took time crafting this program to suit the needs of any business. Our corporate program is flexible in order to mold itself around your company’s requirements – no matter your size.

The program has been engineered to help your business save money not only on rental fees and fuel costs, but also on the interest, insurance, maintenance, and depreciation fees that accompany reimbursement costs for employees use of personal vehicles. In fact, we’ve estimated that use of our Milwaukee business rentals in our corporate program will save you 55% over reimbursement costs.

Our website outlines the full range of benefits of our corporate program. There you will also be able to fill out an application to begin saving today. Additional to our web page of the corporate program, our blog helps to answer any other questions you may have about eligibility and benefits.

Flexible Milwaukee business rentals policy

Every company owner knows that sometimes life and the business world can throw curveballs when they’re least expected. Lots of curveballs. And an inflexible rental policy is the last thing you need at times like these. That’s why our Milwaukee business rentals offer flexible extension policies.

However, it’s important to note that only the primary renter can extend the rental. Furthermore, the rental must be extended in your home branch. While this isn’t always convenient if you’re traveling out of town, it is currently our best policy to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of our renters. We are committed to offering the most convenient but also the most secure service.

Of course, this means that the original rate will change. While your employee may not be too concerned about the increased rate, you, as a business owner, may be. Remind your employee to record evidence of the increase and prolonged rental period. It may seem self-evident, but reminders never hurt!

For more detailed information, see our article on “Mayfair’s Rental Extension Policy”.

Free pick up and delivery

We like to make sure your entire Mayfair experience is easy-peasy and efficient. For that reason, we offer pick up and delivery services to ensure convenience. Coming in by plane? Train? Not a problem. Let us know where you’ll be and we’ll send one of our agents along to pick you up.

Milwaukee business rentals for any need

Our Milwaukee business rentals come in all shapes and sizes. Traveling alone? Or in a large group for training? Going to a single day trade show, or a convention for the week? Staying in one city or driving around the state? Looking for reliability or something to impress? Mayfair has it all.

Our corporate program allows you to choose your preferred vehicle type. However, that ranges from SUVs, minivans, sedans, luxury cars, pick up trucks, and 10, 12, and 15 passenger transit vans – for those larger company excursions. You name it – we’ve got it!

Make the smart move for your company. Reserve your Milwaukee business rentals from Mayfair, and soak up the benefits of our corporate rental program.

Get Ready for Spring Break!

Spring is just around the corner, and do you know what that means? Spring break! This all-American holiday season is just the time to gather your closest friends or family members for some R’n’R. Our 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin are perfect for gathering the whole crew for a week (or week!) away.

Whether you’re heading towards the mountains or for a dip in the ocean, our Ford Transit 150 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin will get you there. Additionally, they have the cargo space for all of your luggage and headroom for even your tallest passenger.

Ford Transit 150 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin

At Mayfair, we want to help you get to your destination – no matter where it is, no matter how many passengers you have. Our Ford Transit 150s come in 10, 12, and 15 passenger options for larger parties.

The windows are tinted for privacy. So if you have any passengers hoping for a little dark and shuteye, they’ll get to rest up no problem! There are also several features that offer the driver a little peace of mind – even if they can’t sleep. The safety system includes a rear view back-up camera and reverse sensing system to help you navigate tricky parking in a large vehicle. Reversing in 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin can be intimidating if you’re not used to them. That’s what makes these safety features that much more important and useful.

Great spring break spots around Wisconsin

Wisconsin may be one of the hidden gems of the United States. It’s full of adorable rustic villages, natural beauty, and plenty of history. Yet it is rarely seen as a hotspot for tourists. That’s what makes spring break that much more relaxing! Rather than heading down to Florida or California with the rest of the mainstream, hit up one of the relaxing spots around the state for some real peace and quiet.

We have a short article outlining 5 lovely Wisconsin cities to visit in spring. These cities can offer you rustic charm, beautiful scenery, and, among other entertainment opportunities, farmers’ markets. But they are by no means the only spring break options you have around Wisconsin.

For instance, you may want to unravel in the waters of Wisconsin Dells. The Dells offer the Great Wolf Lodge with water parks and fun shows for the kids. Moreover, it provides dining, relaxing, and entertainment options for you. With a spa on site, you’ll really be able to get rid of the tension that builds up throughout the working week.

You don’t need to leave Wisconsin to see Geneva – Lake Geneva that is. Lake Geneva is known for being one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful and relaxing resort spots. However, this resort town is far from just a spa spot. Geneva has something for everyone: golfing and water sports, spas and boutique shopping, historical sites and fine dining. Stay in a resort or in one of the pretty little B&Bs around the lake. You may even catch one of the festivals, like the Craft Brews and Chicago Blues festival on April 22, the Lake Geneva Festival of Wine from March 31 to April 2, or Shred Fest at the Mountain Top on March 11. Keep an eye out!

Looking to get out of state? Then, head on down to Chicago for a little escape to the Windy City.

What’s most important to remember is that Spring Break is a busy time for car rental companies. Be sure to book your 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin as early as possible to make sure you get the vehicle you need. Reserve your Mayfair rental today.

Wisconsin Farmers Markets – Springtime Fun

Springtime is nearly here, and we’re ready to begin the activities that accompany the thaw. For those who are residence of Wisconsin you may already be aware of what this means for your produce and artisanal needs – in other words, great things! Farmers’ markets are back. These delightful little local markets offer the best local produce and baked goods. We definitely recommend a Wisconsin spring car rental with a little more cargo room if attending these markets.

Barker’s Island Farmers’ Market

Following our earlier article on the wonders of Barker’s Island, the appeal of this rustic little town just begins to grow. Their farmer’s market takes place every Saturday morning from 8am until noon, beginning in June and running until October. The fair is held at Barker’s Island Festival Park off of the intersection between Highways 2 and 53.

The Barker’s Island market is home to a variety of vendors selling everything from plants and flowers to foodstuffs. Maple syrup, honey, jellies and jams, mustards, and freshly roasted coffees add flavor to the atmosphere. Fill your Wisconsin spring car rental up with local meat and eggs, and fresh-from-the-far veggies and berries.

Wednesday Westown Farmers’ Market

Also running from June to October every Wednesday from 10am to 3pm is the Westown Farmer’s Market in Milwaukee’s Zeidler Union Square. The Westown Market hosts more than 60 vendors with a diverse range of local art and handmade jewelry to peruse as you munch on food from one of the region’s restaurants. Pack your vehicle with farm fresh produce, locally grown flowers, and homemade food while live music serenades the market.

Market on Military, Green Bay

Local shopping both in the market and along Military Avenue! If you’re looking for more than just top quality local produce, this is the market for you. The Market on Military in Green Bay offers an ever-changing display of entertainment every Thursday from 3pm to 7pm beginning in June and continuing until October.

Located at the GB Plaza parking lot, shop for artisanal, local crafts while listening to live music. Favorites can always be found, but the market cares about bringing in new and unique vendors each Thursday. So pack everyone into your Wisconsin spring car rental and head down to the Market on Military for a Thursday night out!

Hilldale Farmers’ Market

Looking for more than just produce? The Hilldale Farmer’s Market in Madison plays host to vendors offer all kinds of meat and dairy products including eggs and cheeses that are locally raised and produced. As well as produce and animal products, you can find local honey, maple syrup, fresh out of the oven baked goods, and other delightful products. You’ll be able to buy everything you need for a complete dinner!

Take your Wisconsin spring car rental to the Hilldale market on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am until 1pm beginning in May until the first Saturday in November. Live music plays to make sure all your senses are ignited.

Gays Mills Farmers’ Market

Gays Mills is a unique farmers’ market because of its abundance of apple orchards. As well as the local produce, including a plethora of organic farm fresh fruit and veg, you’ll be able to find a range of apple products like cider, cider vinegar, and full bushels of fresh, crispy apples. Also available are nuts, maple syrup, and local arts and craft, including metal work. Fancy a little fun decoration? Get a henna tattoo before heading over to see the band.

The Gays Mills Market runs from 2 to 6pm every Wednesday, May until October.

Don’t miss out on these farmers’ markets across the state. Reserve your Wisconsin spring car rental from Mayfair for the flexibility and cargo space to go on a market road trip.



5 Wisconsin Cities to Visit This Spring

Spring is in the air – it’s just around the corner. Before long, the flowers will be stretching their green necks through the soil, preparing to bloom. And warm weather can mean only one thing – more travel opportunities! Wisconsin is a little known gem, with gorgeous cities dotting the state. Here are five Wisconsin cities that we thing you should take your Wisconsin spring car rentals to this year.

Green Bay

Speaking of flowers, there’s no better city to spot a few beautiful blooms than in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Green Bay Botanical Gardens span 47 acres of shrubbery and blooming flowers in a spray of color and scents. Since it’s spring, you’ll see a rainbow of tulips sprinkled with bright butter yellow daffodils. The Botanical Gardens ensure bulbs are planted and ready for the prime show in mid-May. Be sure to resist the urge to fill your Wisconsin spring car rentals with these flowers’ perfume.

Take your Wisconsin spring car rentals back to the Gardens for the TasteBud Outdoor Culinary Event, which takes place on May 18 from 5 to 8 pm. Here, you’ll have all your senses satisfied. Local caterers and restaurant bask the gardens with their own scrumptious smells and flavors. While you fill your belly, place your bids in the silent auction for gateways, events, rare plants, and other great prizes in support of the Botanical Gardens.

For sports enthusiasts, spring means another thing too – golfing! Hit the links or have a meal on the Pine Tree’s veranda overlooking the course, Thorberry Creek at Oneida.

Barker’s Island

Looking for a little history as well as a hint of nature’s breathtaking spring scenes? Take your Wisconsin spring car rentals to Barker’s Island. This little island is home to the last whaleback ship, the SS Meteor. First launched in 1896, you can take a tour to get a glimpse of naval history while modern ships sail across Lake Superior. Leave the harbor and take the 5-mile walk or cycle along the Osaugie Trail.

Not finished with the surrounding natural area? Love waterfalls? Hop back in your Wisconsin spring car rentals and drive down Highway 35 to Pattison State Park. Here you’ll find Big Manitou and Little Manitou at 165 feet and 31 feet, respectively. You’ll be able to cool off in the lake after a day of fishing in the Black River or hiking along the 9 miles of hiking trails that spread across the park. One afternoon may not be enough – bring along camping gear for a weekend of fun.


For a bit of rustic charm, great food, retro shopping, and art head on down to Stockholm. The 100 Mile Garage Sale takes place from Bay City to Nelson on Highway 35. You’ll definitely drive away with your Wisconsin spring car rentals considerable fuller than it was before.

Next, check out the Spring Fresh Art Tour, either on the bus or a self-guided tour. From June 2 until 4 tour through the studios and galleries of local artists. More information here.

You’ll be exhausted after a day of shopping in the boutiques and sampling the great selection of restaurants. Stay at pioneer Eric Peterson’s 1869 home, now the Great River Bed & Breakfast for a dash of history. Into eco-friendly lodgings? Go to green certified Journey Inn.


Are you a bird enthusiast? Take your Wisconsin spring car rentals to Horicon from May 12 to 15 for the Marsh Bird Festival. The festival includes a guest speaker, birding for kids, BIG SIT, guided bird hikes, birding by boat, and bus tours like the night tour, first light tour, and hot spot tour. Make sure to check in advance what events require registration.

You’ll need a place to stay while you’re here for the tour. Reserve a room at the Honeybee Inn as part of the Birds and Bees special in May. As part of this package, you’ll receive a dinner for two, chocolate strawberries, a delicious breakfast, a birding book for the Wisconsin region, and a one-hour pontoon ride through the marsh.

Gays Mills

Nature, folk festivals, dancing, good food, and bareback bronc riding? Find all this and more in Gays Mills. Gays Mills is such a tiny town, you may have never even heard of it. It’s a hidden gem with a lot more to offer than you’d think. We especially recommend the Spring Festival/Folk Festival where you can take workshops in clogging, banjo, fiddle, and guitar after filling your stomach with a pancake breakfast. Shop around for baked goods to appease your appetite after Maypole or square dancing.

Heading to Gays Mills for the weekend? You may be lucky enough to catch sight of the beautiful pink and white apple blossoms around Kickapoo Valley. It’s a gorgeous region that’s great for a walk around nature.

Wisconsin has a lot to offer if you give it a chance. Reserve your Wisconsin spring car rentals from Mayfair for a peaceful spring this year.

Escape to Winter Wonderland In Your Wisconsin Winter Car Rentals

February can begin to seem dreary. Without Christmas and New Years to look forward to, the cold and grey skies can become a little moody. For many people winter driving only adds to this less than ideal state of affairs. Between the icy roads and impaired sight, winter driving can be unnerving at best. However, it’s all about your perception and whether you decide to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery of the state with your Wisconsin winter car rentals.

There are some incredible scenic drives that will take you right out of the urban landscape and into winter wonderland. Our winter driving tips can help you stay safe on the road to ensure you can take in the scenery without risk. These five scenic routes will remind you how beautiful winter can be. Take your Wisconsin winter car rentals out on one of these drives for a few hours and your mood will instantly perk up.

Lake Michigan’s Western Shoreline

This scenic drive will provide for you incredible insight into the heritage of the area. Highway 42 travels along the western shoreline of Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to Algoma. Take your Wisconsin winter car rentals. When frozen solid, the shoreline glistens beneath the weak winter sunlight.

The villages and harbor towns along the drive are a rich treasury of history – we highly recommend taking it slow along the route and stopping into as many places as you can. And if not just for the history then for the food! These towns embrace winter with delicious, comfort foods and warming drinks. Stop in for lunch or dinner to get your mind off the snow.

Great River Road along the Mississippi River

To begin this spectacular route, start your Wisconsin winter car rentals off from the Great River Road Interpretive Center. Drive your car north toward Prescott, where you’ll find Old Mississippi and the St. Croix River join.

Along the way, the sentinel trees and 500-foot high limestone bluffs, each one adorned with a blanket of snow will enthrall you. Don’t forget the camera for this trip! You’ll definitely want to pull your Wisconsin car rentals to the side of the road to catch a couple shots of the breathtaking scenery.

Lake Superior’s South Shore

This is one drive you won’t want to miss. This spectacular drive along Highway 13 will bring you to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore where you’ll find the sea caves. These caves transform into glittering ice caves throughout the winter months, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

You will want to make sure to wear good shoes with lots of traction and to either call in advance or stop in Bayfield at the Apostle Islands headquarters to make sure the ice is safe to walk on. Don’t forget to dress warm!

Door County Peninsula

Are you looking for a bit of an adventure? The Door County Peninsula trip along Highway 42 from Sturgeon Bay to Gills Rock will provide hours of enjoyment and wonder. Though this peninsula is better known for its summer attractions, with its plump cherries and crispy apples, it is stunning in the winter. You’ll immediately see the peninsula lined with lighthouses and limestone bluffs. The stone fences and antique barns dotted across the landscape will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Don’t let winter get you down. Let Mayfair’s Wisconsin winter car rentals help you return to an enjoyment of winter. Escape the city and take a day trip around the spectacular landscapes of the state in your Wisconsin winter car rentals. Reserve your vehicle today.

IRS Recommended Reimbursement Rates for Wisconsin Corporate Rentals

Running the finances of any business can be confusing, particularly so for larger corporations. The IRS is regularly introducing new rates and regulations that businesses need to follow in order to stay financially sound. This stretches to your Wisconsin corporate rentals, and the amount that your employer will reimburse you for fuel.

Submitting a claim

The first thing you’ll need to know is that claims can be submitted in two ways: standard rates, or actual costs of use. As with most things business-related, you’ll want to keep all of your files concerning your Wisconsin corporate rentals. Your Mayfair paperwork will provide you with proof of the vehicle’s mileage at the start of your trip, which will allow you to easily

Anything related to your fuel costs, parking fees, or rental rates will need to be submitted with your claim as proof of use. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is not keeping enough. In the instance of business deductible expenses, more is always better. Whatever you don’t need can be discarded later but until then keep it.

It’s also important that you can show how far you traveled. Keep records of mileage throughout your trip. Be thorough. Make sure these are for your business traveling only. Parking fees and expressway tolls will also be calculated into your claim to determine your deduction.

Not sure how to properly submit? In this case, an accountant is certainly worth the investment. Many people already have accountants for their taxes. Claiming your Wisconsin corporate rentals is another perfect situation in which to pull in your accountant. They will make sure you’re filling your paperwork correctly using the proper rates.

Speaking with your accountant will also help you decide which claim method is best for you between the two mentioned above. Their professional advice could save you more money than you’d be able to save without them.

What are the rates this year?

The mileage rates recommended by the IRS change each year. Sometimes this is a good thing, as the mileage reimbursement rates rise with fuel costs. Unfortunately, the low fuel rates of the past two years have caused them to drop rather than rise. The lower the rates, the fewer costs related to your Wisconsin corporate rentals you can deduct from business expenses.

Currently, the standard rate for fuel deductions based on business usage is at 53.5 cents a mile compared to 54 cents in 2016.

However, this isn’t necessarily going to mean that you will have less of your costs covered. As mentioned above, the standard rates are based on fuel prices. They’re meant to accommodate changing prices and therefore continue to provide you with deductions that will help you save money.

Business decisions

Employers will also need to know the rates and travel costs in order decide what the most feasible option for their business. Calculating comparisons is important. By understanding the costs of reimbursement for your employee driving or renting a Wisconsin corporate rentals you’ll be able to do what is most financially sound for your business.

Not sure how to work this out? Speak to one of our Mayfair Wisconsin corporate rentals agents today for advice.

In the meantime, head on over to our website to sign up for our corporate program for even greater company savings. Enjoy benefits that allow you and your employees to travel with grace and class.

Reserve your Wisconsin corporate rentals from Mayfair today.

Ride in Style with our Wisconsin Luxury Car Rentals, the Buick LaCrosse

Are you on a work trip? Luxury trip? Looking to feel a little luxury while traveling around Wisconsin? Then we have exactly the Wisconsin luxury car rentals you’re looking for – the Buick LaCrosse.

This vehicle offers the best of both worlds. Being a full-size sedan with high-quality safety features and the style and technology of a luxury car you’ll never want to stop driving.

But instead of just telling you why the Buick LaCrosse is the best Wisconsin luxury car rentals for you, we’ll show you. Below we’ve outlined the features of the LaCrosse. You’ll be yearning to drive it in no time.

Vehicle specs of the Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosses are incredibly powerful Wisconsin luxury car rentals, boasting a V6 8-speed automatic transmission. No messing about with stick shift, or an engine that can’t keep up to your trip.

We all know that winter driving can be unpredictable. With the all-wheel drive in this Wisconsin luxury car rentals you’ll gain the maneuverability to encourage confidence in your winter driving. The LaCrosse is known for graceful and smooth driving, and in fact this is one of its best qualities.

The LaCrosse has a wide variety of safety features including as many as 10 airbags to ensure the protection of every passenger. The newest LaCrosse also boasts rear park assist and rear vision camera. Depending on your Wisconsin luxury car rentals, you may be in luck to get one of the newest models.

Finally, the brakes of your Buick LaCrosse include 4-wheel antilock and 4-wheel disc.

The luxury of the LaCrosse

The LaCrosse offers quiet and peace from the bustle of the road. The vehicle is insulated to cancel out as much outside noise as possible. Even better, the fantastic stereo system will not be affected by the sounds of the street. You can listen to all of your favorite tunes unhindered, or your podcasts and audio books without missing any words.

The vehicle provides the convenience of rear-window defogger, which comes particularly in handy throughout the winter. The Buick LaCrosse offers also cruise control. Though this is a convenient feature in the summer months, we’d recommend avoiding cruise control in the winter when you need to maintain control of the vehicle.

In the Buick LaCrosse, everything is automatic to increase convenience. The windows are on a power system – though you may not need this throughout winter!

Do you get frustrated with trying to get your driver’s seat in the right spot? With manual driver seat adjustment, it’s hard to get the position just right. This Wisconsin luxury car rentals option has automatic powered driver’s seat to make sure you get the seat in the right spot. This is particularly handy if you have more than one driver throughout your trip.

The Buick LaCrosse is known for having a beautiful roomy cabin. These Wisconsin luxury car rentals are perfect for taking longer trips in comfort. You certainly won’t be complaining about sore legs or no head room in this vehicle!

Fuel economy

The Buick LaCrosse, being a sedan, has better fuel efficiency than many other models of car rentals. This Wisconsin luxury car rentals model offers 31 highway miles per gallon and 21 miles per gallon in the city. In cases of combined city/highway miles, you’ll get roughly 25 miles per gallon. The fuel tank holds approximately 15.8 gallons.

Our Mayfair Wisconsin luxury car rentals pride themselves on reliability, safety, fuel economy, and comfort. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible. That’s why we offer our clients the Buick LaCrosse. Reserve your vehicle today to guarantee the perfect weekend.


Mayfair Offers 10-Passenger Transit Vans!

Here at Mayfair, we understand that the needs of our customers vary and therefore call for all shapes and styles of vehicles. From chic luxury cars for a night on the town, to SUVs for a weekend in the wilderness, to a van large enough for the whole family – we’ve got it all. That’s why we offer Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans alongside our sleeker options.

While Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans may be gas-guzzlers, they actually can save you fuel costs in the end. Rather than taking two or three vehicles, you can cut back to fit the whole family into one car. It’s the ultimate car-pooling!

Mayfair’s Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans

Here at Mayfair we offer the Ford Transit – a strong American vehicle that you can rely on. Sizes vary from 10-passenger, 12-passenger, and 15-passenger, depending on the number of people you need to transport.

The vans are medium-height, which shouldn’t impede or restrict your driving in tunnels and parking garages. The Ford Transit boasts a comfortable interior for those longer day-trips out of the city.

Van specs

As mentioned, you won’t be getting quite the mileage out of this van as you will out of a regular full size or an SUV. However, as also mentioned, this may not necessarily be a disadvantage in the long run. Our Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans have 26 gallon tanks to help you avoid stopping too regularly for fuel. The V6 engine provides 14 miles per gallon in the city, and 19 MPG on the highway.

The vans are all rear-wheel drive. It may be a bit of an adjustment from the van you’re used to, so we advise our customers to take it easy for the first few trips around the city. The rear view back-up camera and reverse sensing system will help you out! These little features are incredibly handy for increasing safety in the tricky act of parking one of these Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans. Your mirrors are extended on a long arm for optimal vision, and are power adjustable. We want all of our customers to have ease of mind, and we certainly think these features provide that.

Additional features

The Ford Transit’s windows are all lightly tinted and constructed from privacy glass to offer you a little peace on the road. Or perhaps for a little privacy while you sing along to the AM/FM radio or CD player with Sirius XM. It also boasts a rear window defogger for those chilly winter days.

Travelling with some taller passengers? Height won’t be a problem. The front row passenger and driver’s seat has 52 inches of clearance, while the back three rows provide 55.8 inches in headroom. You won’t need to worry about accidentally bonking your head in our Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans!

Drivers will find the power driver seat handy to adjust into the perfect position. This is particularly useful for those times when you’re regularly switching drivers of varying heights. Cruise control adds to convenience for the driver. Though we advise against cruise control if you’re driving your Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans in the winter months.

We know you’ll love driving the Transit. It’s comfortable and reliable, with top-notch safety features to help you remain worry-free. As far as large passenger vans go, the Ford Transit is fairly smooth and easy to drive. Though you may take a few miles to become a pro, once you’re comfortable with the system you’ll love it!

Let Mayfair take care of your Wisconsin 10-passenger transit vans needs! Reserve from us today for family-friendly, reliable, and affordable car rentals.

Check Out the American Birkebeiner in Wisconsin

The Slumberland Birkie has been a tradition in Wisconsin since 1973. After 44 years, the Birkie isn’t a tradition you’ll want to miss out on. Take part this year in one of the numerous events taking place in the next few months. Fortunately, your Wisconsin car rentals will help get you there in style, for training, events, and trails.

But first, what is the Birkebeiner?

Birkebeiner Events

If you’re hoping to attend a Birkie event, you better sign up soon! The first event of 2017 is the BirkieTour, which takes place on 15 January 2017. The sooner you register the cheaper it will be. Up until January 13, tickets are $65 while after that they become $75 for the 16/28/47 km BirkieTour. The BirkieTour/Seeley Hills Classic combo tickets can only be bought up until January 12 at $125 per ticket. Finally, the BirkieTour Family tickets are $25 per family member for 2 parents and up to 4 children under the age of 18 who live under the same address.

The BirkieTour/Seeley Hills weekend has a variety of skiing, demos, prizes, and races. The race distances are 22 and 42 km and both take place on January 15. The two days prior to this are bib pick-up days in the Sawmill Saloon. Make sure to pack extra sweaters in your Wisconsin car rentals in case of severe cold – after all, the course can take as long as 6 hours. The 47 km trail begins at 10:00 am and is meant to finish at 3:00 pm.

Junior Birkie

Are your kids avid skiers too? If your kids want to take part in the Birkie, take your Wisconsin car rentals back to the Birkie on 23 February 2017. The Junior Birkie runs for kids 6 years of age up to high school aged kids, with race distances divided by age group. This year the Birkie has also introduced the Team Sprint Relays.

The Team Sprint Relays have teams of 2 or 3 skiers of the same age group. The team relay is freestyle for 2 times 500 m for those born as far back as 2004, and 3 times 800 m for those born as far back as 1998. Individual mass start distances are also freestyle technique, with distances ranging from 1.2 km to 3 km to 5 km for the oldest age group.

Registration for the Junior Birkie ends at 6:59 pm on 22 February 2017. Unfortunately, race day registration is not permitted for the Junior Birkie. Your junior racer will be able to pick up their bibs for the registration tent on 23 February from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, when the first race for high school boys begins. Team Sprint Relays begin at 4:20 pm.

Parking your Wisconsin car rentals

If you’re taking your Wisconsin car rentals to the Birkie, you’ll need to grab a parking spot. Fortunately, there are regular shuttles that take you from the parking lot to the Celebration Plaza where refreshments will be on offer post-race.

The CXC Youth Cup

The winners of the Individual Junior Birkie will get points for the CXC Youth Cup in the U12 and U14 age. Your junior’s points from the Birkie contribute to their overall standings in the CXC Youth Cup.

The Birkie is a great way to get the whole family out and about. Our Wisconsin car rentals have plenty of cargo space for all of your ski equipment and snacks for the day. Don’t forget to pack a couple thermos of hot cocoa and soup.

Register online for the January event today when you reserve your Wisconsin car rentals from Mayfair.

AWD Wisconsin Car Rentals Options for Winter in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin can be pretty nasty. With the heavy snows and roads slicked with ice, driving through the state can be rough. Of course, it’s more than just proper driving technique that can get you through the winter safe and sound, to your destination without hassle. It also takes a great car – like our 4WD and AWD Wisconsin car rentals.

We have a variety of options for 4WD and AWD Wisconsin car rentals to appeal to any driver. Each one has its own pros and cons. There are also a variety of styles and sizes so that you can choose the right option for your needs.

Benefits of 4WD and AWD Wisconsin car rentals

To begin, you may be asking yourself what’s the difference between 4WD and AWD Wisconsin car rentals? Better yet, what would the benefits of these vehicles be versus 2WD.

The four wheels of an AWD vehicle are powered by center, front, and rear differential. 4WD also uses all four wheels but powered only by two differentials as well as a transfer case.

The benefits of AWD and 4WD are varied and many. These vehicles have better traction than 2WD vehicles for regular day-to-day driving, and in case you’re towing. This also means that the vehicle accelerates better, particularly on wet roads, and handles easier in both dry and inclement settings.

However, the AWD and 4WD vehicles can cause drivers to feel more secure than they should. Despite the improved traction, you need to make sure that you still leave plenty of space behind vehicles when stopping, don’t speed, and give space for turns.

Remember also that the fuel economy of 4WD and AWD Wisconsin car rentals is worse than 2WD. However, fuel economy will be worse in winter regardless.

The Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is an excellent choice for anyone looking for AWD Wisconsin car rentals that offer top-notch safety and fuel mileage. The Durango gets around 27 highway miles per gallon. Though of course, AWD and winter reduces fuel mileage but the Dodge Durango is one of your best options for maximizes fuel efficiency.

Winter can be a dangerous time. The roads are lined with collisions that can be unavoidable. But with high quality passenger safety, you can make sure that your whole family arrives safely to your destination.

The Chevrolet Silverado

Looking for something that can haul a little more cargo? Perhaps you’re going snowmobiling or camping. The Chevy Silverado has great hauling capacity with the strength to make it through the winter weather. 

The Chevrolet Suburban

If you’re looking for strength and towing capacity to match the Silverado, but need more seats, the Suburban is your choice. The Suburban has best-in-class highway fuel economy with 23 highway miles to the gallon. It’s designed to fit plenty of cargo and passengers without loss of comfort. The seats are cozy and offer flexibility for travel.

The Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevy Traverse is a premier Midsize SUV with style. The Traverse offers 116.3 cubic feet of cargo space and seats as many as 8 passengers so you can carry all of your winter equipment. The active safety features make the Traverse as safe as it is comfortable.

The Chrysler 300

Do you want the safety and security of AWD Wisconsin car rentals but ride with style and luxury? The Chrysler 300 is a gorgeous car rental that will make you feel like a rock star. The 300 offers up to 30 miles per gallon. Safety and security options include brake assist and top performance airbags.

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