Escape the Snow and Cold in Your Wisconsin Luxury Sedan!

Now that Christmas is over, the coming winter months can feel a little dreary. After all, we no longer have the festive season to look forward to. Now, it’s just spring to anticipate. If you need to get out of the cold and snow, take your Wisconsin luxury sedan on a winter getaway.

There are several warm or relaxing getaways outside Wisconsin that are easy to get to. Here are some ideas for where to bring your Wisconsin luxury sedan to relax.

Soak up the sun

Get your dose of vitamin D! Head down to Florida and stretch out on the beach.

The drive from Wisconsin to Florida will be about 1, 389.8 mile in your Wisconsin luxury sedan. It seems like a long trek, but it only comes up to be about 20 hours. Get a friend or family member to share the drive, and it’ll pass before you know it! After all, there’s plenty to see on the way. You’ll past through several states, each one filled with their own quirky sites.

Once you’ve in Florida, escape the typical Miami vacation and visit the Florida Keys. Make sure to try the Key lime candy and a fresh key lime pie while sipping margaritas in Margaritaville! If you’ve got the time, stop in for a quick tour of Ernest Hemingway’s house on Key West.

Of course, there’s also family friendly options like the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando. Containing a tropical lagoon, kid’s water play area, kid’s activities, and gorgeous gardens in which to take a sunset stroll.

Explore the capitol

A slightly closer (and less warm!) getaway is Washington, D.C. Just 872 miles – about 13 and a half hours in your Wisconsin luxury sedan – the drive offers different attractions than Florida. Right on the east coast, it’s an easy journey up to New England if you fancy a bowl of clam chowder.

There is plenty to do in Washington. See historical landmarks and museums, the White House and the Hay Adams Hotel. If you’re looking to stay in a luxury hotel to compliment your Wisconsin luxury sedan, check out The St. Regis Washington. Right around the corner from the White House, the St. Regis is stylish and luxurious.

Take a walking tour around to see the Roosevelt, Jefferson, Korea War Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Martin Luther King, Jr., World War II, Lincoln, and Washington Monuments. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

This trip will also take you through Chicago; why not stop to see the windy city on the way?

A nearby getaway

For a romantic getaway without leaving the state, book rooms at The Edgewater Hotel in Madison. This gorgeous hotel is perfect for a weekend to relax and enjoy the company of the one you love most. In appearance, the hotel offers a classic elegance, traditional charm, and stunning scenery on the edge of Lake Mendota which you can easily soak up through the vast windows. The hotel also offers a wintertime ice rink for a romantic skate around, or to entertain the kids if you’ve brought the whole family.

At the Edgewater, you won’t be missing out great food, that’s for sure! Ranging everywhere from classic pub fare to elegant fine dining and delectable wines, the food at Edgewater is certainly something to brag about! With 5 restaurants, you’ll be able to eat scrumptiously and drink well, including beers from across the state of Wisconsin.

Amp up your trip with a Wisconsin luxury sedan from Mayfair. Reserve your vehicle from Mayfair today.

Enjoy Winter Sports with a Wisconsin 4WD SUV Rental

Winter really is a magical time. Even after Christmas, the beauty of the scenery and the thrill of winter sports can help make the cold feel a little less intense. If you’ve got a penchant for sport, your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental can get you out and about to explore.

Fat tire biking

Fat tire biking is a popular winter sport in Wisconsin. Because the snow limits what sports we can take part in, fat tire biking is a great compromise. We have plenty of trails around the state that offer great sites for fat tire biking.

But what is fat tire biking? Because riding regular bicycles isn’t really as safe around the state in the ice and snow, fat tire biking offers a good alternative. These bicycles have, as the name suggests, fatter tires than regular bicycles, which offers better grip and better control in the snow. The tires are low pressure and wide-rimmed so that they can handle the riding across soft surfaces like snow.

Trails around Wisconsin

Keep in mind that there are some places you can’t ride. For instance, it’s illegal to ride on snowmobile and cross-country ski trails. This is particularly for safety reasons, so make sure to avoid those.

Take your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental up to trails in the Northeast will take you along Lake Michigan. The WinMan Trails around the North Lakeland Discovery Center provides 1300 acres of trails in Vilas County. Some of these are groomed and neat, but ungroomed trails are also available for those who are looking for a bit more adventure.

In the Northwest, you can take your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental up to Big Water Coffee Roasters in Bayfield. Here, you can take part in North Coast Cycling Association for Saturday group rides.

Take your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental down to the southern regions of the state to the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Not only does this forest offer absolutely stunning views, but it also offers several trails for fat tire biking.

If you don’t want to go that far outside of Madison, check out CamRock Park Trails near Cambridge. It’s perfect for fat biking in the winter months.

Other trails in the area

There are plenty of trails in the state for fat tire biking. In the Northwest, CAMBA Trail System in Hayward and Cable, Levis Mound in Neillsville, Whitetail Ridge in River Falls, and Woolly Trail in Polk County.

In the Northeast, Sunny Vale Trail in Wausau, Enterprise Primitive Trail and Mud Lake Trail in Rhinelander, and Newport State Park in Ellison Bay. Finally, in the South, Silver Lake County Park in Kenosha County, John Muir and Emma Carlin Trails in La Grange, Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield, and Minooka Park in Waukesha.

Take your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental to Madeline

If you want to see more of Wisconsin, a great place to visit is Madeline Island. Check the thickness of the ice on Lake Superior before setting out. If thick enough, you can drive your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental right across the lake to get out to Madeline Island. Not only are there spots to enjoy fat tire biking, but you can also go hiking and strolling along the beaches.

You’ll have no problem spending a full day here. There are plenty of spots to enjoy fine cuisine and cocktails – but if you do, you’ll want to book a cottage or hotel on the island! This is the largest of the 22 Apostle Islands and certainly a little gem!

Get out to explore the state in your Wisconsin 4WD SUV rental. Reserve your vehicle from Mayfair today!

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is Coming Back to Wisconsin!

Winter is one of our favorite times of the year in Wisconsin. We can’t help but adore the winter sport and scenery. It offers the perfect opportunity to spend time with the whole family in a relaxed and beautiful setting. There are plenty of stops throughout the state. So even if you’re out in a remote rural area in your Wisconsin winter car rentals you’ll be able to get to one of the spots on the path of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.

What is the Train?

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is more than just a train. It’s entertainment and charity and holiday spirit combined. In our eyes, it’s all the best things! We absolutely adore this time of year, and the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is one of the reasons.

The train stops through thirteen Wisconsin cities and towns to bring the festive spirit with it. It’s a train of holiday cheer. That means it’s decorated for holiday spirit with lights and garlands and other adornments for the season!

In fact, they go even further than that. The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train offers Christmas displays and light shows, as well as live music from artists who, like Santa, are attempting to spread the holiday spirit. However, if you really want to get into the festivities you’ll want to bring along non-perishable food items in your Wisconsin winter car rentals. After all, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is just as much a charitable venture as it is a festive one. And we always encourage our Wisconsin winter car rentals clients to contribute to the charitable community in the state.

Saturday, 2 December

The train makes two stops on 2 December. The first is in Sturtevant at 5:25 pm. While you’re here, make sure to try a Kringle at Lehmann’s Bakery.

Next, the train stops in one of our better known cities – Milwaukee. It reaches the stop at 6:50 pm. Make sure to stop at Christmas in the Ward, where you can find a beautiful Christmas historic village with tree lighting, carriage rides, roasted chestnuts, and even a visit from Santa and his reindeer.

Sunday, 3 December

Sunday is a busier day, with 5 stops across the state. The first is Wauwatosa at 4:15 pm where you can dine with Santa Claus at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The next stop is Hartland at 5:45 pm. Here, you can board the East Troy Christmas Train to see Santa’s Workshop at The Elegant Farmer. Enjoy cookies and hot chocolate with Santa in his own workshop.

Third, stop into Oconomowoc at 6:55 pm for a glimpse of the holiday train and stop at the Oconomowoc Winter Farmer’s Market. Warm up with some of their fresh soups and homebaked pastries. You’ll want to fill up your Wisconsin winter car rentals with goods and pastries before you know it!

Watertown is the fourth stop at 7:45 pm. This is a great space to stop for a loop around the Skate Express Family Roller Rink. Finally that day is the stop in Columbus at 9:05 pm. See how Sassy Cow Creamery’s products are crafted before enjoying farm-fresh milk and ice cream. Creamy and delicious!

Monday, 4 December

Monday begins in Portage at 1:15 pm. Here, you can have a full afternoon of tubing on Cascade Mountain before and after the CPR Holiday Train arrives. Afterwards, for another chance to see the train, head up to Wisconsin Dells for 2:45 pm. If you fancy staying some extra time at the Dells, then check out Great Wolf Lodge for Snowland’s holiday celebration.

At 4:15 pm, the train makes it to Mauston. You’ll definitely want to check out Carr Valeey Cheese, which has won competitions around the world. At 5:30, the train heads to Tomah. Here, see the Wildcat Mountain State Park for hikes and trails through the scenic woods and hills. It’s a great place for anyone who is interested in the outdoors to stop!

Second last stop in Wisconsin is Sparta at 6:40 pm. Check out Deke Slayton Memorial Space and Bicycle Museum to see a real piece of the moon on display.

Finally, the train stops in LaCrosse at 8:45 pm. If you’re here in your Wisconsin winter car rentals, be sure to check out Riverside Park’s Rotary Lights. It’s a gorgeous lit path to see either by foot or if you’re driving through in your Wisconsin winter car rentals.

Don’t miss out on the CPR Holiday Train! Load up with non-perishables and reserve your Wisconsin winter car rentals today!

The Benefits of SUV Wisconsin Rentals this Winter

Winter is coming! Actually, it’s pretty much here. Snow is bound to hit full force sooner, rather than later and it’s important to keep you and your family safe. So what’s the best vehicle to do that? Well, with the holiday season also on its way, it’s crucial that you have SUV Wisconsin rentals to help you get from all your family events safely.

What are the benefits of driving SUV Wisconsin rentals or a van? Which is better: AWD or FWD? We go through the pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for you.

Transport the whole family

One of the biggest benefits of having SUV Wisconsin rentals or a passenger van is being able to transport the whole family to events. Carpooling is not only better for the environment, but it’s also better for your budget and for being able to transport luggage.

At this time of year, sedans won’t have the same effect as SUVs or minivans. Thanksgiving has passed, but Christmas is still on its way! Maximize your space to minimize your stress.

In the snow and ice

Of course, your preference for sedan vs. SUV will depend on your own needs and stresses when driving. If you’re driving a larger group of people, of course SUV Wisconsin rentals will be the choice for you. But depending on your comfort in larger vehicles, you will need to also choose what size and what drive is best.

SUVs offer you the benefit of a larger outer shell. However, you’ll need to adjust your driving to suit their unique needs. This requires longer braking time and slower turns.

Of course, there’s always the more practical fact that SUV Wisconsin rentals are simply larger. If, in the unfortunate chance, you do get into a car accident, there’s a larger surface area to hit in comparison to a sedan. While most sedans these days do have wonderful security and safety features, SUVs have the size to back it up.

For some, the size and height off the ground is enough. For some of our customers, it’s enough to feel safer that allows them to drive safer. In this case, you really do need to chose the vehicle that will make you feel most secure. If you feel more secure in your SUV Wisconsin rentals, then those are the vehicles for which you should opt.


What’s the best option for dealing with snow? AWD or FWD?

Both offer advantages. And, as with anything else with the automotive industry, it comes down to personal preference, and personal feelings of safety.

Front-wheel drive offers you the capabilities to pull your vehicle out of a snow bank, rather than attempt to push it out with rear-wheel. This means you can gain the traction you need to grip the ground and pull your SUV Wisconsin rentals out of a sticky situation.

All-wheel drive, of course, has greater benefits in the snow. It’s known for its better traction, and greater ability to maintain control in icy conditions. When you have all four wheels working for you, you ensure the entire vehicle is pushing against a loss of control. This means that hill climbs and descents will be easier than they would be in FWD or RWD.

However, you also need to keep in mind that once you’ve lost control it is much harder to gain control in an AWD vehicle. This is no reason not to rent one, of course. But if you do get an AWD, make sure you don’t get an exaggerated self-confidence that reduces your ability to make safe, wise decisions on the road.

Reserve your SUV Wisconsin rentals from Mayfair today for the best holiday transportation in the state.

Mayfair: A Family-Owned Wisconsin Car Rental Company

What does it mean to a family-owned Wisconsin car rental company? We pride ourselves on being a family-based company and providing service as family community. When you reserve your Wisconsin car rental from Mayfair, you’re getting a quality vehicle from a friendly face.

But what does it really mean? It means something different to everyone and every business. There are some family-owned places that operate just like a regular business. But there are others, like ours, which use our family values as a base to take concepts of community and service to the next level.

Family history

In 1979, the Ewald family founded Mayfair Rent-A-Car after 15 years already working in the transport industry in Wisconsin. Since then, we have expanded our company out across Wisconsin to better service visitors and residents alike.

We founded our company on family values. We took what we knew of Wisconsin car rental and sales and joined that with a desire to help our clients in every way possible. When you rent from Mayfair, you’re renting from family. We count all of our clients as part of the family, and are always happy to welcome in new members with open arms.

The whole package

Because of our family values, we try to ensure every need is taken care of. That means that you don’t just get the car – you get the whole package.

At its base and simplest form, this means a quality Wisconsin car rental fleet. Vehicles that are top of their line and updated regularly are important to us. They must be maintained so that you, as our valued customer, do not have to deal with any issues or hassles on your journey. You’ll have a reliable car. Period.

But you also get reliable service. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a smile. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about your vehicle as well as Wisconsin and the town you’re visiting. Our service agents will also be able to offer you travel tips particular to the city and region. We’re locals. So we can tell you about Wisconsin, as locals. This means you’ll get to see it through new eyes, with personalized tips and advice that can be based around your priorities and interests. Feel free to ask one of our service representatives for travel advice upon arrival.

Special offers and incentives

The more you rent from us, the more incentives you’re likely to get as a preferred customer. We’re always looking for ways to make our Wisconsin car rental clients happy and part of that is by providing excellent deals.

We understand that traveling can be expensive. Our service representatives and agents will work with you to ensure you get the best deal. By learning about your needs and priorities, you’ll be able to get deals and specials to help you save money.

Corporate programs

We welcome corporate clients into the family as well. We don’t believe that businesses should be treated in any less of a friendly or intimate manner than the way we treat our individual clients.

Our corporate programs will offer your business big savings and great deals. The best corporate cars and tips on the area. Our Wisconsin car rentals will make sure you always show up in style to your meetings, training, and work trips.

Don’t go with a couple that isn’t reliable or trustworthy. Go with a company that will offer excellent service, at good rates, and astounding vehicles. Reserve your Wisconsin car rental from Mayfair, the family-friendly, trusted Wisconsin company.

Take Your Wisconsin SUV Rentals Deer Hunting!

Before you know it, widow’s weekend will be upon us. The deer hunting season is back in full swing at the end of this month, and our Wisconsin SUV rentals are booking up quick! Residents and visitors alike are excited to get out to catch fresh venison for the winter.

Of course, hunting is fairly highly regulated around here to ensure proper supply management. Before setting off, you’ll want to make sure you thoroughly understand the regulations and limitations that have been put in place. Dates first and go from there! After all, we wouldn’t want you spending the money you’ve saved from your Wisconsin SUV rentals on fines!

Dates of the deer hunt

The archery and crossbow hunt began on September 16 and runs until January 7. This is much less of a popular event for our Wisconsin SUV rentals clients, however.

The more common one begins on November 18. This is the basic gun hunt, which lasts until November 26. This hunt ends, and the muzzleloader hunt begins on November 27 until December 6. From December 7 until December 10 there is a 4-day antlerless hunt.

In certain farmland units, however, there will be offered an antlerless-only holiday hunt from December 24 until January 1. These units include: Adams, Brown, Buffalo, Crawford, Door, Dunn, Iowa, Marinette, Milwaukee, Oconto, Polk, Richland, Sauk, Waukesha, Waupaca, and Waushara.

As mentioned, if you’ll need Wisconsin SUV rentals to get to your deer camp, book soon! Reservations fill up quickly, and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Registering and tagging your harvest

Remember that you must register your harvest by 5 p.m. the day after it has been recovered. You must provide the tag number upon registration. All registration is now electronic. You can register in person at a registration station, by phone, or online at This last one is probably the easiest and quickest way to get your harvest registered. All you need is the registration number and your date of birth!

Some things have changed, however. Hunters are no longer required to validate their tags. Furthermore, you’re not required to attach the tag nor keep it with your catch. You’ll still need to carry proof of deer tags, as well.

And make sure you know where you’ll be hunting! You can’t get proper tags without knowing your zone, deer management unit, and land type.

Get your license, keep it on you

Everyone hunting in Wisconsin is required to have a license. Licenses vary depending on the type of hunt you’ll be taking part in, so make sure to buy the appropriate one. Once you’ve done that, you must also make sure you follow the requirements of your license. If you’re antlerless only, then make sure only to go out for that hunt.

Moreover, you must keep your license on you at all times. If you wouldn’t take your Wisconsin SUV rentals out without your driver’s license, why go hunting without your hunting license! You’d be surprised at how often it happens.

It’s also smart to carry a copy in your Wisconsin SUV rentals just in case. But make sure you have some form of license on you at all times. This could be a paper copy, a department-approved PDF on your mobile device, an authenticated Wisconsin driver’s license, or a Go Wild Conservation card. Your best bet may be to keep your paper copy in your Wisconsin SUV rentals and a digital copy on your person.

It’s time to hunt! Reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals from Mayfair today for the best choices on the best vehicles.

Widow’s Weekend? More Like Spa Weekend!

It’s nearly the opening weekend for deer hunting. Anyone who has a husband or boyfriend who deer hunts knows what opening weekend means – the house to yourself. Women around Wisconsin know opening weekend to be ‘widow’s weekend’. This year, why not take this weekend as a spa getaway with the girls. Make it even better with a Wisconsin luxury sedan rental to really emphasize your self-pampering!

There are plenty of spas around Wisconsin that can help you relax and enjoy the ‘bachelorette’ days of opening deer hunting weekend. All you have to do is choose the one. We’ve outlined a few of the spas in the area. These are easy drives in your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental, and once you get there, you won’t want to leave again! After this weekend, you’ll wish every week was ‘Widow’s weekend’!

WELL Spa & Salon at the Pfister Hotel

You won’t have to take your Wisconsin luxury sedan far to enjoy a spa day here. The Pfister Hotel is right in Milwaukee. This day spa reconnects with its Turkish bath origins by providing a detoxifying mud treatment to cleanse your pores, called Hammam. Other treatments include remineralizing-hydrotherapy baths, facials, peels, tanning, lash and hair extensions, make up and airbrush make up, waxing, aromatherapy, massages, and many others.

The WELL Spa & Salon is perfect for a full girls’ day. Spend a morning at the spa relaxing, the afternoon getting all dolled up with make up and hair styling, then park the Wisconsin luxury sedan rental for the evening and head out for a night on the town looking your best! Don’t forget to send a picture to the men of you and the girls on your way out so they know what they’re missing!

Sundara Inn & Spa at the Wisconsin Dells

Talk about luxury! Anyone who knows Wisconsin knows that the Wisconsin Dells is the place to go if you want a getaway. And the Sundara Inn & Spa certainly follows in this tradition.

The Sundara follows ancient Ayurvedic principles from India. As such, it encourages a holistic relaxation experience and a process of reconnecting to the earth, your loved ones, and your wellness. You’ll get all the usual spa treatments here, but you’ll also be placed in the stunning surroundings of the Wisconsin Dells. Treatments and products are based around seasonal themes to regenerate and invigorate you.

On top of that, you won’t have to leave the whole weekend! The complimentary chauffeur services on the campus will take you to the restaurants, and you can leave your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental parked. This will come in particularly handy when you’re enjoying the extensive wine cellar on site. All food is made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and centred on a wellness philosophy. Dine in or eat out – it’s up to you!

Aspira spa offers yoga classes

Aspira Spa offers yoga classes

Aspira Spa at The Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake

The Aspira Spa at the Osthoff Resort is another great place to get away for a weekend with the girls. Their regime is one of wellness and natural sources, with the cedars message that uses freshly harvested cedar from the shores of Elkhart Lake.

You’ll get all the other usual spa treatments and experiences here but often with their own bespoke twist. For instance, the violet clay envelopment and wild chamomile and lavender body masque offer a silky floral touch to already relaxing treatments. Aspira also offers yoga classes to provide you with a holistic, harmonizing process of wellness and relaxation. Classes are only $12 per person, or $100 for 10 (depending on how long you’re staying!).

There are plenty of other spas in the area – these are just a few. We warned you might not want the husbands to come home!

Complete your pampering lady’s weekend by treating yourself to a Wisconsin luxury sedan rental, like Mayfair’s Buick LaCrosse.

Thanksgiving Done Efficiently with Mayfair Milwaukee 12 Passenger Vans

The holiday season is upon us. With Halloween nearly over, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year – sparkling snow will replace fallen leaves, and a spirit of giving is in the air. It’s also a time of loved ones and holiday parties. While this is a wonderful thing, it can also be stressful. Remove the stress and transform the chaos into efficiency with Mayfair’s Milwaukee 12 passenger vans and Wisconsin minivans!

Getting to grandma’s house has never been easier. Carpool and bring the whole family, without discomfort or stress. Here are just a few other reasons why our Milwaukee 12 passenger vans and Wisconsin minivans are the best choice for any of your holiday gatherings.


Ford Transit Passenger Van

The Ford Transit 12 passenger van from Mayfair

Save on fuel

The holiday season can be an expensive time. Between meals, parties, party outfits, decorations, travel expenses, and gifts, the costs seem never ending.

While it may seem counterintuitive, using Milwaukee 12 passenger vans will actually allow you to save money on fuel. If you’re clever about planning, contact other members of the family who may be visiting or living in the area. Have everyone split costs. In the end, you’ll use much less fuel, and therefore spend less money, while also putting out less of a carbon footprint.

Fit all your cargo

Whether you’re out for some early holiday shopping, or bringing along gifts to give out, our Milwaukee 12 passenger vans will help you fit all of it without damage. Many of our customers will use the van for dual function. Bring the whole family to grandma’s for dinner then set out shopping on downtime!

This has an added bonus when you’re picking up relatives from the airport. Anyone flying in will be able to fit their luggage comfortably while also stretching out after a trek on a cramped plane.

Benefits of Wisconsin minivans

Not traveling with a large group? Then a Wisconsin minivan may be enough for you. While they don’t have all the cargo and passenger space of Milwaukee 12 passenger vans, there’s plenty of room for 7 people.

Depending on the size of your family, you still may be able to carpool and save on fuel. You also have the added safety of being in a slightly larger vehicle when the snow hits.

And we all know that grandma’s love to feed and give. Their giving spirits are particularly emphasized around the holiday, when guests tend to roll, rather than walk, to the car. Wisconsin minivans offer you the space to spread out a bit and let your food digest on the drive home. There’s also plenty of trunk space for gifts, leftovers, and extra blankets or sweaters for long, cold nights.

SUV versus Wisconsin minivan

All vehicles have their benefits and uses. SUVs can be particularly handy for those who go off-road, or go on solo or couple camping trips. But while many families have been opting for SUVs over minivans, the misconception that SUVs offer better fuel mileage is just that – a misconception. If you want a high ratio of internal space and fuel economy, then our Wisconsin minivans are your better bet. Fuel economy is important to watch in the winter, when adverse weather can reduce efficiency.

Not only that, but Wisconsin minivans provide more passenger space than most SUVs. You’ll be able to fit more people, potentially car pool (saving more fuel), and fit all your cargo to boot. There’s just no contest!

Know your vehicles. It can be tough to decide which style to choose, but every vehicle type has its purpose and uses. If you’re not sure whether to reserve Wisconsin minivans or Milwaukee 12 passenger vans, let Mayfair help. Our agents will help you choose the best vehicle for your needs!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Enjoy Sports Seasons: Tailgate with Wisconsin SUV Rentals!

Wisconsin isn’t just the place for brews and great cheese: we also have some of the best sports culture that can be found in the United States. Green Bay Packers fans are known for their rowdy, passionate loyalty and infectious excitement. And anyone who has taken their Wisconsin SUV rentals to a game knows how amazing the tailgating community is for these teams.

Now that the 2017 seasons are in full swing, it’s time to take a look at the teams that make this state so great. We’re looking forward to a good season with brews, brats, and ball games.

Milwaukee Brewers

Unfortunately, the Brewer’s season is now over. If you were lucky enough to catch a game this season, you’ll know that it was a good one. It shows a lot of promise for the 2018 season and we couldn’t be happier.

The roster is set to have a major impact on the upcoming season. New players have shown their worth and proven that the trades and purchases made by the Brewers were the smartest decisions that could have been made by the coaches.

Players like Knebel, Barnes, Hughes, Phillips, Hader, and Woodruff showed what these players could do. It’s got us definitely excited for next year!

Green Bay Packers

We’re right in the middle of the Green Bay Packers season! It’s our favorite time of the year. The season is in full swing and it’s a perfect time to reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals for a tailgating party. Our SUVs are great for this, as they offer all the space for your equipment and food.

So far the Packers are playing an excellent season, with 3 wins and a loss. While there’s a growing concern that the Packers have experienced excessive injuries this season and the way this may affect their playing, so far they’ve been doing well still. Spectators are concerned about the possibility of more injuries.

Of course, this can’t stall the excitement of Packers fans. The next home game takes place on October 22 at 12 pm versus Saints, followed by another home game on November 6 at 7:30 pm versus Lions. There are plenty of away games you can reach, but why go that far when you can enjoy the Packers in your Wisconsin SUV rentals right at home! Tailgate right at home with all the fans.

Wisconsin Badgers

In line with the love of college sport that is so great in this country, the Wisconsin Badgers have picked up quite the fan base. College sports have a very different atmosphere than pro sports. The intensity of the players is beyond anything you can imagine. Because they haven’t made it to the pros yet, they try harder to make an impression – never know when scouts are in the stands!

On top of this, college spectators are proud of both their city and their university, which intensifies the atmosphere further. Be prepared for people to get rowdy! And of course, there’s always tailgating at the game that you can enjoy with your Wisconsin SUV rentals. It’s a unique experience compared to NFL tailgating.

The season has started strong, with a 4 win streak right now. The next home game is versus Purdue on October 14, followed by another home game versus Maryland on October 21. All home games have free pre-game tailgate parties that you can enjoy.

Buy tickets early

Football games in the state sell out quickly, so buy your tickets early. The earlier you can plan your schedule, the earlier you can book your Wisconsin SUV rentals and that’s always a good plan.

Make the most out of the football season when you reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals from Mayfair today.

Learn How Wisconsin Corporate Rentals Can Help Your Business!

If you’re a business owner, you know that running a successful business is expensive. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, business prices are increasing each year. That’s why we offer top quality Wisconsin corporate rentals to help your business.

But how can Mayfair help you? Beyond our corporate rentals program (which we’d recommend for any frequent Wisconsin corporate rentals clients!), we can also offer preferred renters programs with exclusive deals. Find out what’s best for your company and how we can offer you top quality Wisconsin corporate rentals for your next business trip.

Saving with our Wisconsin corporate rentals program

Mayfair’s corporate rental program helps your business minimize travel expenses. When put up against one another, mile and petrol reimbursement costs far exceed the costs of paying for Wisconsin corporate rentals. In fact, the cost of fuel and mileage reimbursement for corporate cars or personal vehicles of employees is more than double that of paying for corporate rentals.

When you add the cost of corporate car fleet maintenance, you’re racking up excessive expenses for your business. Our Wisconsin corporate rentals help you cut these costs in half.

On top of this, our Wisconsin corporate rentals program offers deals and discounts to help you further save money. Our fleet has a wide range of vehicles that can fulfill any need. Whether you’re trying to impress a major client with a sleek vehicle or basing your vehicle choice on practicality and efficiency – Mayfair has it, without the maintenance costs of a fleet.

Other benefits of corporate rentals

When something goes awry with a Mayfair Wisconsin corporate rentals, you have service agents available to deal with the issue for you. Rather than worry about signing your employee fleet up for CAA or other service systems, Mayfair ensures your corporate rentals and employees are taken care of when they need it.

The great thing is that we accommodate businesses of any size. Our corporate rental program offers deals and discounts, as well as an accessible fleet, for any type of business. Big or small, we want to help you help your employees.

You don’t want your employees worrying about using their own vehicles for business trips. Not only is this costly and inconvenient on the business, it’s also a hassle for the employees themselves. Wherever possible, especially for business trips and conferences, it’s best to prevent your employees from having to use their personal cars. And when you have Mayfair’s Wisconsin corporate rentals, the use of rented vehicles becomes affordable and much safer as you know that the car will be well maintained and insured.

Personal preferred program

If you travel a lot for work, but your company is smaller and unable to cover the full cost of a corporate rental program, consider joining our preferred renters program. As a member, you’ll be granted access to special discounts and deals that aren’t offered to our regular customers. This is a great option if you travel regularly for work, and can save you in the long run in maintenance and fuel costs of your own vehicle. It is particularly useful if your home is not multi-vehicle and you share with other drivers.

However, we’d recommend you speak to your company about joining our corporate rentals program. We service both small and large businesses, so it’s a convenient option for any one looking to save money for their business. If your company hasn’t already signed up, we’d be happy to help you get started!

Make the right move for your business. Reserve your Wisconsin corporate rentals from Mayfair, and reap the rewards. Find out more on our website.