Pack Your Wisconsin Summer SUV Rentals for a Weekend of River Tubing Fun!

Here in Wisconsin, we know the great outdoors. We’ve got every sporting activity you can think of, plus some! But let’s go back to the basics – river tubing! River tubing is a much loved past time in Wisconsin, and we certainly have the rivers for it. If you have your own tubes – great! Our Wisconsin summer SUV rentals will offer the space to transport them. If not, there are plenty of places that offer rentals.

Whether you’re new to Wisconsin or tubing or just looking for a fresh spot, we’ve outlined a few of the best rivers to which you can bring your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

Wolf River

Whether you’re looking for a lazy river kind of day or fast and furious, Wolf River has it all. Downstream you’ll find a quiet, relaxing current. This is also particularly good for families with small children who may be frightened of the faster currents. Upstream near Langlade County, the river is on a much more dramatic slope. Dropping a whopping 430 feet over 28 miles of river, the current will definitely bring you on an adventure.

Two spots along the way offer tubing rentals. Bob & Joni’s Rafting & Tubing in White Lake offers 5-6 and 2-3 hour rentals. We’d recommend reservations for their business, as it gets quite busy in the summer.

Wolf River Trips & Campground in New London provides both camping facilities and tubing, canoeing, and kayak trips up river. Campgrounds have tent and RV sites and amenities including a shower, laundry, bar and grill, tennis and volleyball courts, playground and game room for the kids, boat landing, shuttle service, pavilion, and a dump station. So don’t forget to pack a tent in your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals.

Wisconsin River and Manitowish River

Are you hoping to spot some wildlife on the waters? Then check out Wisconsin and Manitowish Rivers. Here you’re guaranteed to see a few loons lazily swimming along. Go early enough in the morning, and the peace and quiet will offer a perfect amount of silence to enhance the beautiful sound of their songs. You’re also likely to see eagles flying up above as you lounge on your tube.

Hawks Nest Canoe Outfitters in Manitowish Waters offers rentals and a shuttle. Rentals include tubing, canoe camping, canoeing, rafting, fishing trips, outfitting, kayaking, and guides.

Sugar River

Sugar River is as sweet as its name. The river runs south of Madison, with gentle currents that provide beautiful views of forests and rolling farmlands. It’s a fantastic way to take in some of the landscape while keeping cool in the waters.

Two outfitters can help you out. Sweet Minnihaha in Brodhead and Crazy Horse Campground, also in Brodhead, are two family-oriented campgrounds and rental spots from which you can push off into the river. With everything from canoes and kayaks and fishing, they’ll fulfill any type of outdoor need.

Wisconsin River

If you’re yearning for a stunning vista and spots to relax, the check out Wisconsin River. The shores are studded with forests and the Lower Wisconsin River is surrounded by rock formations thrusting up from the earth. Sandbars and islands are not uncommon on this river, offering great places for a picnic or little dip.

Point Bluff Resort in Wisconsin Dells and Wisconsin Riverside Resort in Spring Green offer spots to camp up. Or, perhaps more appropriately, “glamp” up. Both of these resorts are full of amenities including all your basics, but with delightful food, dancing, and entertainment as well. If you’re looking for cabin stays, these are the spots for you.

Begin on the tubing trip of a lifetime! Reserve your Wisconsin summer SUV rentals from Mayfair to gain the space and the convenience you need to fully enjoy your trip.

Introducing the New Wisconsin Eco-Friendly Car Rental: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Here at Mayfair, we have a commitment to progress. Whether in our own company or in the process of making our world a greener place, we support improvement in automotive technology. And we take that support beyond simple words. That’s why we’re introducing the new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to our fleet. Our goal is to have as many Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental options, and it begins here.

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is new this year, and combines a chic style with efficient driving. Are you a company looking to meet green goals? Or an individual who simply has a commitment to living as green a life as possible? Either way, this is the vehicle for you.

The hybrid: efficiency and convenience

When it comes to eco-friendly cars, it’s all about mileage. This Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental gets, to the gallon, 39 city miles and 45 highway miles, with about 42 miles combined.

Of course, when it comes to hybrids, it’s not just about gas mileage. If you’re driving on combined gas-electric then you’ll get 590 miles for a single battery charge. However, this vehicle also offers an electric-only mode. Are you just driving your Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental around the city? Taking it on a short trip for errands or to run your kid to their sporting event? Then the electric-only is perfect, offering up to 27 miles on a single charge. We all know that city driving is a great way to guzzle gas, so save the money and save the fuel with this option.

Comfort of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The thing about the Sonata, is that it’s not just a Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental. It’s so much more. Seating 5, it’s comfortable for family day trips or business meetings. And we mean it when we say comfortable. The interior is spacious and cozy, so even long drives will be relaxing.

The driver’s seat offers enhanced lumbar support to make sure your back isn’t aching by the end of your trip. Legroom is in full supply, too. We just can’t get over how well designed are the interior of these vehicles!

Always know where you stand

The Sonata is about top technology. Its modern-day mission controls offer accurate, highly detailed stats about your trip and your vehicle’s fuel and battery levels. This allows you to control when you’re battery-only and when you’re combined. You’ll never be stuck questioning how to plan your trip.

Features of the Sonata

These days, vehicles are all about features. What new technology can those engineers put out? If you’re looking for top-notch entertainment and music, the Sonata has pretty much everything you can think of. Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make sure that no matter your device, you have your music available.

It can always be a bit frustrating coming out of the store only to have to dig around to find your keys while your arms are full. For increased convenience, keyless entry will stop you from digging through your pockets or bag. Proximity Key entry with push button start is up and coming technology that we simply love!

The available hands-free SmartTrunk also works with the proximity key to ensure convenience. Of course, you’ll also gain power windows and locks – particularly convenience for warm summer days. Finally, no matter how green, safety is also a top priority. That’s why the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid also offers a rearview mirror to enhance your safety as well as the safety of your children and animals.

Fulfill your green initiatives with the new Wisconsin eco-friendly car rental – the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Reserve your vehicle today.

Reliable and Timely Wisconsin Car Rental Options from Mayfair

In the car rental industry, it can be tough to find the diamonds among the coal. With a wide range of companies and services on offer, you may not always know which one will provide top quality vehicles that are reliable and efficient every time. Mayfair can fix that for you. Mayfair’s Wisconsin car rental options offer reliability and timeliness with high quality vehicles.

Here at Mayfair, timeliness and reliability is important to us. We believe in a respectful community that maintains responsibility for each other. That’s why when you show up on time for your rental, you can always expect it ready and waiting. We know that your time is important. Our service staff are dedicated to ensuring you have the Wisconsin car rental options that you reserved when you reserved it. Whether it’s for work or to get your children to their sporting activities it’s important to have your schedule kept.

Wide variety of Wisconsin car rental options

Our clients get Wisconsin car rental options for a wide variety of needs and desires. That’s why we offer all kinds of Wisconsin car rental options to ensure you can find the vehicle to suit your needs.

Looking for a great vacation vehicle? The type would, of course, depend on the type of vacation you’re going on. Going for something sporty? Definitely check out our SUV rentals. We have intermediate SUVs like the Dodge Journey for smaller trips. Bringing the whole family? Check out the Chevy Traverse to fit in all of your camping and sport equipment, and your family comfortably.

Going on more of a luxury night out, just the two of you? Perhaps the Chevy Impala or the Buick La Crosse. Sometimes it’s just nice to get a night out with a luxury vehicle. Call a sitter, make a reservation at a nice restaurant, and have the reliability of our luxury Wisconsin car rental options.

Our luxury vehicles are also perfect for business trips, meetings with clients, sales calls, training – whatever needs arise. Nothing makes a statement of professional chicness like a Buick La Crosse. And if you’re a regular business renter, you’ll certainly want to look into our corporate program. Save money and reap the benefits of a corporate rental program, while having all of our best and top luxury cars available to you.

Flexible policies

One of the more unfortunate aspects of many car rental companies is that their policies don’t always reflect the needs and daily realities of rental clients. We understand at Mayfair that the needs of day-to-day life require flexibility and compromise. We’re proud to say our policies reflect that.

We offer cash and debit card rentals for those who aren’t able or unwilling to use a credit card to reserve their Wisconsin car rental options.

We also provide shuttle processes from Mitchell International Airport and after-hours drop off to increase efficiency and convenience. For the same reason, we also have rental extensions. Sometimes, business meetings stretch longer than you think. Or a camping trip is just too enjoyable to end quickly. Maybe your car is in the shop longer than you were originally quoted. If that’s the case, all you need to do is request a rental extension and the renter must fulfill the request at the home branch where you got your car.

If you want reliable, timely Wisconsin car rental options, reserve your vehicle from Mayfair. No matter your need, or your schedule, Mayfair will ensure you have your vehicle on time.

Celebrate the US Open – Take your Wisconsin Luxury Sedan Rental to Pro Courses

The 2017 US Open is nearly here, and it’s set for Erin Hills! For the first time in its nearly 120-year history, the Men’s Open will be played in Wisconsin from June 12-18. It’s been quite exciting for all of us here in Wisconsin, but it’s also a busy time! If you haven’t booked your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental for this period, jump on it.

If you’re a big golf fan, why not golf alongside the pros? Of course, you won’t be able to golf with them exactly. But there’s no harm packing the clubs into your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental and heading out to another of Wisconsin’s top tournament courses.

Erin Hills, Hartford

If you really want the full US Open experience, you can golf at Erin Hills yourself. Tee up on the same 652 acres of greens as the pros.

This course has the added benefit of spectacular beauty. Erin Hills is unique in its landscape, as much of it is the result of glacial history that molded and shaped the rolling hills of the kettle moraine region. In the surrounding area, you’ll catch sight of the river and wetlands. A day on the green will let you feel like you’ve escaped entirely the urban life.

Not only does it offer up a gorgeous view, but it also provides a challenge for avid golfers. Tees run up to 7,812 yards. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, but you’ll gain bragging rights by the end. Pack your best clubs!

If you’re still hoping to get tickets for the US Open, it’s not too late. You can buy tickets here. Want to stay right on the course for the week? Lodging information for Erin Hills can be found here. Book sooner rather than later!

Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run, Kohler

While the US Men’s Open has never before been played in Wisconsin, Blackwolf Run has seen the Women’s Open twice – back in 1998 and 2012, which used both of the Blackwolf courses. Whistling Straits also saw it’s own US Open, but for the Senior level, in 2007. The course also hosted the 2004, 2010, and 2015 PGA Championships.

The course is worth golfing just for the challenge and the scenery. A masterpiece of human invention in landscaping this differs wildly from the beauty of Erin Hills.

Brown Deer Park, Milwaukee

If you want to play on an iconic course, head on down to Brown Deer Park in your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental. It’s best known for being the opening stage for Tiger Woods, where he appeared on the professional circuit in 1996.

Two years before that, in 1994, was when pro tournaments were launched onto public courses. Prior to 1994 Greater Milwaukee Open, men’s pro tournaments were usually hosted at country clubs.

Riverside Golf Course, Janesville

Ever wanted to play on the same golf course that a professional quarterback plays on in his spare time? Well you can at Riverside Golf Course. Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, hits the tees for the amateur tournament in Janesville. The course is absolutely stunning, with great drainage to ensure dry golfing despite rain. It’s a great challenge and the staff make the day more enjoyable.

Truly feel like a pro with one of our Wisconsin luxury sedan rental. We offer vehicles such as the Buick LaCrosse to help you get into the spirit of the week.

Don’t miss out! Reserve your Wisconsin luxury sedan rental from Mayfair today to beat the rush, and ensure your top pick. Airport shuttle options and pick up available for those flying in for the Open.

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in your Budget Wisconsin Car Rentals

Memorial Day is just around the corner on May 29th. In Wisconsin, this weekend is pretty exciting. Memorial Day Weekend means that the World’s Largest Brat Fest is back in town. As with any holiday weekend, you’ll want to reserve your budget Wisconsin car rentals early to ensure a secure booking.

There’s a range of events happening across the state to help you enjoy the holiday weekend. And when in doubt, Memorial Day is a great weekend for camping! So pack your budget Wisconsin car rentals with all of your gear, food, and some firewood and head out for a relaxing weekend.

World’s Largest Brat Fest

Love brats? Get on out to the World’s Largest Brat Fest at Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. Beginning on Friday, May 26 and running until Monday, May 29, you’ll have access to four days of food, music, and fun.

The festival is so much more than just food, though. It includes music and a variety of “zones” and events to keep the entire family entertained. Some of these include “Take Your Brat To Work Day” (including an option for delivery), appearance of the Budweiser Clydesdales, Kid’s Zone and Bounce Zone, Bike for Brats, Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways Carnival, and so much more. Find a full list of events here.

Musical events in Brat Fest are always adored. This year there’s a wide range of musicians and bands for your entertainment. Some of these musicians include Foo Foo Dolls, George Clinton, Bobaflex, Hawk Nelson, Kelly Jackson, Pilot, Everclear, Angels & Outlaws, Madison County, Adelaide, and many, many more.

You won’t have an issue parking. Not only does the Alliant Energy Center offer more than 5,800 paved, fully lit parking spots but they’re for your use free of charge. That’s right! You can comfortably park your budget Wisconsin car rentals without taking any more fees from your wallet.

Get out to enjoy the great outdoors

Wisconsin is the perfect place for enjoying the great outdoors, and Memorial Day Weekend, traditionally, is the time when camping officially begins. Sports fishermen, avid campers, hikers, cyclists, and marine sports enthusiasts will be in their glory this holiday weekend. It really is the official kick off to summer. Ramp up your budget Wisconsin car rentals!

Here at Mayfair, we love to encourage our budget Wisconsin car rentals clients to get out and about to explore the state. Our blog offers a wide variety of articles that offer tips on all kinds of activities in the state.

Where there’s a waterfall, there’s a way. Wisconsin’s wonderful waterfalls line the region and offer spectacular views – as well as great camping and sports activities. We’ve outlined a list of waterfalls around the state that are perfect for a scenic drive in your budget Wisconsin car rentals or for a camping weekend away.

But, be smart – arrive early. Camping around the waterfalls is a popular pastime. These areas offer kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and many other adventures that make these camping sites a desirable spot. To ensure a place in one of these lovable camping zones, you need to arrive as early as possible. If you can, take the Thursday off work as well to begin your weekend early. This has the added benefit of ensuring you avoid hectic Memorial Day Weekend traffic.

Pick the right rentals

Every car serves a purpose. If you’re planning on a weekend in the city, enjoying the slower movement of the urban center as half the population goes off camping, then a luxury sedan may be right for you. A nice car to go for dinner and hit the down – what could be better? Otherwise, you will want something a little more functional.

Our SUVs and minivans are great choices for the weekend camping trip. These vehicles offer the cargo and passenger space needed for group and family trips, but don’t have the inefficient fuel mileage of most pick-up trucks.

Don’t wait a moment longer. Plan for Memorial Day Weekend today when you reserve your budget Wisconsin car rentals from Mayfair.

Moving Kids Home from College? Book your Milwaukee Cargo Vans Early

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – moving the kids home from college for the summer. It’s the same every year: stressful, chaotic, and sometimes (on the part of your kids) poorly planned. This year can be different. Plan, book your affordable Wisconsin cargo van early, and hopefully your kids have packed all their things before you get there.

Book early

Booking early doesn’t just apply to your affordable Wisconsin cargo van. You’ll also want to look into parking spots in the area. After all, everyone is moving around the same weekend. Spots and lots will be full and parking will be scarce. Tough to come by if you haven’t planned ahead!

Parking apps can help you figure out where to park your Wisconsin cargo vans while figuring the move out, and where best to park them while loading. Other cities, like Madison, may have online sites to help you find parking availability.

Final tip for planning – move early, if possible. The earlier you can move your kid, the better. If you wait until the very end of exam period, you’ll be bogged down by heavy traffic and scarce parking spots. Even if your kids can move a couple loads of boxes and bags home in the weeks leaving up to the move that can save hours of time and hassle. The less time your affordable Wisconsin cargo van is taking up a parking spot, the better. Not only will you reduce your own stress, you’ll also make someone else’s day easier by clearing parking spaces up.

Packing properly

While you can’t control how your kids have packed their bags, you can control how your affordable Wisconsin cargo van is packed. Pack properly, and you’ll have a smooth ride without any damaged property. Don’t pack well, and you could have boxes moving all over the place breaking all in their path.

But how do you pack a affordable Wisconsin cargo van properly? Fortunately, we’ve got an article for that. In summary, make sure all the boxes and packages are closed and secure. Breakables need to go near the top, with cushioning items surrounding them to keep them safe. You’ll need plenty of blankets to ensure the safety of your items. Put the large items at the back, and line up the rest of the items accordingly, based on sized.

Be aware of the weight when driving

When you drive, be aware of the weight. You’re throwing a heavier load, so you need a lot more time to brake and you’ll want to take corners at a slower speed. Leave plenty of space behind the cars in front of you. Always check behind your wheels before backing up. If you’re not entirely comfortable with reversing in your affordable Wisconsin cargo van, then it’s not a bad idea to have someone as your “eyes” behind the van.

Eco-friendly packing

Your kid is now in college, and they’ll be moving to and from their dorms or apartments every year. Why waste boxes? Invest in some reusable tote boxes and make use of any luggage you have to help your kids move without waste. This will save them the time and trouble each year of box-hunting, as well as breaking down leftover boxes. Finally, reusable totes and luggage are sturdier. This means they are unlikely to break while in transport, therefore threatening the security of your kid’s property.

Pick your affordable Wisconsin cargo van carefully

When picking the right vehicle, you want to choose one that combines cargo space with maneuverability. Our affordable Wisconsin cargo vans will offer you the efficiency you need. Available in two sizes, the 1500 and 2500, our Ram ProMaster rentals provide 353 cubic feet and 456 cubic feet, respectively.

However, you may not need that much space. In that case, you may want to look at one of our minivans or our Chevrolet Suburban. Both are equipped with trailer hitches, if you have your own trailer or have rented one for the big day.

Don’t wait until the day is nearly here. Reserve your affordable Wisconsin cargo van from Mayfair for the best prices to guarantee you get the car you want.

Try A Different Summer Trip: Explore Wisconsin Beaches

Wisconsin is known for many things: Brewers and breweries, cheese, camping, and Summerfest. But have you ever thought about our beaches? If you haven’t explored our beaches then don’t wait a minute further. Throw some towels and a picnic in your Milwaukee SUV rentals and head to the sandy shores of our state.

A day with friends

If you’re looking for a fun day with friends, then hit up Bradford Beach in Milwaukee. You may want to find a good spot to park your Milwaukee SUV rentals for the night, as downtown Milwaukee is nearby and the beach house offers a great spot for a couple of summer cocktails.

When not enjoying more adult-friendly activities, the beach is perfect for a dip or a couple rounds of volleyball. And it’s closeness to the urban center means you don’t have to travel far for a relaxing day in the sand.

Vilas Beach is another close-to-the-city getaway. Just a couple miles from Madison, this beach offers all the sandy attractions you’d expect as well as a zoo, the Arboretum, bike paths, and a couple tennis courts for the more active groups of friends. Don’t forget to pack a racket in your Milwaukee SUV rentals!

Wonderful waterfalls

Why not mix a little sightseeing in with your beach adventures? Wisconsin is home to some spectacular waterfalls. We’ve written about Wisconsin’s waterfalls before, but it’s worth a little reminder to note that these gorgeous natural wonders have top-quality beaches around them.

Two of the best waterfall beaches to relax on are the Pattison State Park beach in Superior and Willow River State Park in Hudson. Pattison State Park is home to Big Manitou Falls and Little Manitou Falls, as well as the beach on Interfalls Lake. Meanwhile, you’ll find Willow Falls bursting into the gorge below, before leading to the Little Falls Lake along Willow River. On this beach, you can enjoy camping, fishing, and boating – as well as swimming of course.

Resorts and luxury

Looking for something a little less humble and a little more luxurious? Then you’ll want the resort beach option. There are a wide variety of resorts and spas across the state. You may want to do a little more research on your own to pick the right resort for you. But here are a couple resorts to give you an idea.

Treeland Resorts in Hayward offers something for the whole family. Once you’ve parked your Milwaukee SUV rentals for the weekend, you won’t need to move far to get everything you need. Pools, playgrounds, game room, and access to a beach are just some of the amenities. Water sports available are pontoons, kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, tubes, and fishing rigs for your sports fisherman. If you don’t want to cook your own meal on your motel room’s charcoal grill or in the fully equipped kitchen, wander up to the bar, restaurant, or ice cream parlor. RV spots are available.

Holiday Acres Resort on Lake Thompson in Rhinelander provides an active weekend adventure with nearly every kind of activity. While you’ll find the luxuries like fine dining and sandy beaches, golf resorts and indoor pools, you’ll also get a chance to get active. Water sports include fishing and boating. The woods surrounding the resort offer cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, and hiking, cycling, and horseback riding in the summer. Don’t want to leave the resort? Enjoy tennis, shuffleboard, basketball, and a playground for the kids.

Taste of the ocean

Milwaukee may not be on the ocean, but it certainly can feel like it. These beaches will give you a taste of what the ocean is like while also offering a variety of activities and restaurants for a delicious culinary experience unique to Wisconsin.

North Beach in Racine, Big Bay Beach at Town Park in Madeline Island, Schoolhouse Beach in Washington Island, Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan, and Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers all offer more of an ocean feel than other beaches in the region. This Travel Wisconsin article offers a fuller description of these ocean-like experiences.

Finish off planning for a great beach day by reserving one of Mayfair’s top-notch Milwaukee SUV rentals.


Plan for your Summer Travel Early!

Wisconsin is, at times, a bit of an understated gem in the vast canvas that is this great country. Tourists opt for places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, New Orleans, and Chicago when choosing on American cities to visit but you, like us, probably know that this state has so much to offer. Wisconsin should not be underestimated. And as the summer comes upon us, you’ll have plenty of time to take your Milwaukee summer car rentals on adventures to remind yourself of the wonderful attractions this state has to offer.

Baseball, brats, and brews: Tailgating a Brewers game

Summertime means one thing for many Wisconsin baseball fans: tailgating Brewers’ games. Tailgating is an all-American pastime and Brewers fans are particularly great at it. Assign a designated driver, and pack up the Milwaukee summer car rentals for a relaxing afternoon. Don’t forget the local Wisconsin cheese for your hot dogs! That what will make it a particularly Milwaukee experience. After all, our state has the best cheese in the country, and definitely the best brats. Top that with some of Milwaukee’s finest brews and you’ve got yourself one fantastic afternoon.

Before heading out to Miller Park, brush up on your tailgating rules – there’s nothing like a ticket to ruin the day. For the most part, however, the park’s rules still allow for the full experience.

Now all that’s left is to buy your tickets and book your Milwaukee passenger van to fit all of the Brewers’ fans in your life.

Camping across the state

Now that the winter’s gone, it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors without packing a parka. Wisconsin is known for its amazing camping. Campsites, mountains, by rivers and beaches, and in the depths of the woods; this state has it all. We’ve outlined camping in the state several times before, since our Milwaukee summer car rentals clients love grabbing one of our SUV rentals and jetting off.

What’s important is that you reserve both your campsite and your Milwaukee summer car rentals early to ensure the “business” side of the planning is out of the way. After that, you can focus on packing your Milwaukee brews and brats, cheese and produce, and mapping out your hiking and water travels.

Summer festivals in Wisconsin

One of the best parts of summer are the festivals. Food, drink, music, arts, and outdoor activities – what could be better?

Wisconsin is a state of festivals. We love them, here at Mayfair. Festivals in this state come in all sizes and topics. We’re fans of the state and county fairs in Wisconsin, and you’ll certainly find a few of these across the region. If you’ve got your Milwaukee summer car rentals, we definitely recommend going on a little county fair tour.

However, there is also a wide range of other festivals, including Wisconsin music festivals and other unique choices for summer entertainment.

Most importantly, however, you don’t want to miss out on Summerfest! From June 28-July 2 and July 4-9 get your tickets for some of the best musicians and bands from around the country. We look forward to this event every year, but if you want to attend you definitely want to book your Milwaukee summer car rentals now.

When you have your Milwaukee summer car rentals, the world is your oyster. Family vacations, hiking trips, kayaking adventures, road trips to Chicago – there’s always something to do in Wisconsin.

All you need to do is book your Milwaukee summer car rentals early to make sure you can take full advantage of all this state has to offer. Luxury sedans, chic SUVs, family minivans – we’ve got it all. Reserve your vehicle with Mayfair today.

Mayfair is Wisconsin’s Trusted Company for Milwaukee Business Rentals

Here at Mayfair, our customers come from all backgrounds with all types of car rental needs. From the family of 4 just looking for a getaway, to the business professional requiring an efficient, reliable, and chic car – we’ve got you covered. We’re known for our great Milwaukee business rentals program to make your business trip a relaxing one.

We know your business is important to you. As part of that, your employees are important for you too. You want them in the best hands, while also using the best company and car hire rates for your business. Mayfair can help you there. Our Milwaukee business rentals clients use their vehicles for all kinds of trips. Whether it’s a one-day trade show or weeklong convention, our corporate program helps you find the best car for the best deal. Read on to find out why you can trust Mayfair for all of your Milwaukee business rentals needs.

Corporate program for Milwaukee business rentals

Our corporate customers are so important to us that we decided to make a program especially for them. We took time crafting this program to suit the needs of any business. Our corporate program is flexible in order to mold itself around your company’s requirements – no matter your size.

The program has been engineered to help your business save money not only on rental fees and fuel costs, but also on the interest, insurance, maintenance, and depreciation fees that accompany reimbursement costs for employees use of personal vehicles. In fact, we’ve estimated that use of our Milwaukee business rentals in our corporate program will save you 55% over reimbursement costs.

Our website outlines the full range of benefits of our corporate program. There you will also be able to fill out an application to begin saving today. Additional to our web page of the corporate program, our blog helps to answer any other questions you may have about eligibility and benefits.

Flexible Milwaukee business rentals policy

Every company owner knows that sometimes life and the business world can throw curveballs when they’re least expected. Lots of curveballs. And an inflexible rental policy is the last thing you need at times like these. That’s why our Milwaukee business rentals offer flexible extension policies.

However, it’s important to note that only the primary renter can extend the rental. Furthermore, the rental must be extended in your home branch. While this isn’t always convenient if you’re traveling out of town, it is currently our best policy to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of our renters. We are committed to offering the most convenient but also the most secure service.

Of course, this means that the original rate will change. While your employee may not be too concerned about the increased rate, you, as a business owner, may be. Remind your employee to record evidence of the increase and prolonged rental period. It may seem self-evident, but reminders never hurt!

For more detailed information, see our article on “Mayfair’s Rental Extension Policy”.

Free pick up and delivery

We like to make sure your entire Mayfair experience is easy-peasy and efficient. For that reason, we offer pick up and delivery services to ensure convenience. Coming in by plane? Train? Not a problem. Let us know where you’ll be and we’ll send one of our agents along to pick you up.

Milwaukee business rentals for any need

Our Milwaukee business rentals come in all shapes and sizes. Traveling alone? Or in a large group for training? Going to a single day trade show, or a convention for the week? Staying in one city or driving around the state? Looking for reliability or something to impress? Mayfair has it all.

Our corporate program allows you to choose your preferred vehicle type. However, that ranges from SUVs, minivans, sedans, luxury cars, pick up trucks, and 10, 12, and 15 passenger transit vans – for those larger company excursions. You name it – we’ve got it!

Make the smart move for your company. Reserve your Milwaukee business rentals from Mayfair, and soak up the benefits of our corporate rental program.

Get Ready for Spring Break!

Spring is just around the corner, and do you know what that means? Spring break! This all-American holiday season is just the time to gather your closest friends or family members for some R’n’R. Our 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin are perfect for gathering the whole crew for a week (or week!) away.

Whether you’re heading towards the mountains or for a dip in the ocean, our Ford Transit 150 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin will get you there. Additionally, they have the cargo space for all of your luggage and headroom for even your tallest passenger.

Ford Transit 150 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin

At Mayfair, we want to help you get to your destination – no matter where it is, no matter how many passengers you have. Our Ford Transit 150s come in 10, 12, and 15 passenger options for larger parties.

The windows are tinted for privacy. So if you have any passengers hoping for a little dark and shuteye, they’ll get to rest up no problem! There are also several features that offer the driver a little peace of mind – even if they can’t sleep. The safety system includes a rear view back-up camera and reverse sensing system to help you navigate tricky parking in a large vehicle. Reversing in 10 passenger van rentals Wisconsin can be intimidating if you’re not used to them. That’s what makes these safety features that much more important and useful.

Great spring break spots around Wisconsin

Wisconsin may be one of the hidden gems of the United States. It’s full of adorable rustic villages, natural beauty, and plenty of history. Yet it is rarely seen as a hotspot for tourists. That’s what makes spring break that much more relaxing! Rather than heading down to Florida or California with the rest of the mainstream, hit up one of the relaxing spots around the state for some real peace and quiet.

We have a short article outlining 5 lovely Wisconsin cities to visit in spring. These cities can offer you rustic charm, beautiful scenery, and, among other entertainment opportunities, farmers’ markets. But they are by no means the only spring break options you have around Wisconsin.

For instance, you may want to unravel in the waters of Wisconsin Dells. The Dells offer the Great Wolf Lodge with water parks and fun shows for the kids. Moreover, it provides dining, relaxing, and entertainment options for you. With a spa on site, you’ll really be able to get rid of the tension that builds up throughout the working week.

You don’t need to leave Wisconsin to see Geneva – Lake Geneva that is. Lake Geneva is known for being one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful and relaxing resort spots. However, this resort town is far from just a spa spot. Geneva has something for everyone: golfing and water sports, spas and boutique shopping, historical sites and fine dining. Stay in a resort or in one of the pretty little B&Bs around the lake. You may even catch one of the festivals, like the Craft Brews and Chicago Blues festival on April 22, the Lake Geneva Festival of Wine from March 31 to April 2, or Shred Fest at the Mountain Top on March 11. Keep an eye out!

Looking to get out of state? Then, head on down to Chicago for a little escape to the Windy City.

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