Enjoy Sports Seasons: Tailgate with Wisconsin SUV Rentals!

Wisconsin isn’t just the place for brews and great cheese: we also have some of the best sports culture that can be found in the United States. Green Bay Packers fans are known for their rowdy, passionate loyalty and infectious excitement. And anyone who has taken their Wisconsin SUV rentals to a game knows how amazing the tailgating community is for these teams.

Now that the 2017 seasons are in full swing, it’s time to take a look at the teams that make this state so great. We’re looking forward to a good season with brews, brats, and ball games.

Milwaukee Brewers

Unfortunately, the Brewer’s season is now over. If you were lucky enough to catch a game this season, you’ll know that it was a good one. It shows a lot of promise for the 2018 season and we couldn’t be happier.

The roster is set to have a major impact on the upcoming season. New players have shown their worth and proven that the trades and purchases made by the Brewers were the smartest decisions that could have been made by the coaches.

Players like Knebel, Barnes, Hughes, Phillips, Hader, and Woodruff showed what these players could do. It’s got us definitely excited for next year!

Green Bay Packers

We’re right in the middle of the Green Bay Packers season! It’s our favorite time of the year. The season is in full swing and it’s a perfect time to reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals for a tailgating party. Our SUVs are great for this, as they offer all the space for your equipment and food.

So far the Packers are playing an excellent season, with 3 wins and a loss. While there’s a growing concern that the Packers have experienced excessive injuries this season and the way this may affect their playing, so far they’ve been doing well still. Spectators are concerned about the possibility of more injuries.

Of course, this can’t stall the excitement of Packers fans. The next home game takes place on October 22 at 12 pm versus Saints, followed by another home game on November 6 at 7:30 pm versus Lions. There are plenty of away games you can reach, but why go that far when you can enjoy the Packers in your Wisconsin SUV rentals right at home! Tailgate right at home with all the fans.

Wisconsin Badgers

In line with the love of college sport that is so great in this country, the Wisconsin Badgers have picked up quite the fan base. College sports have a very different atmosphere than pro sports. The intensity of the players is beyond anything you can imagine. Because they haven’t made it to the pros yet, they try harder to make an impression – never know when scouts are in the stands!

On top of this, college spectators are proud of both their city and their university, which intensifies the atmosphere further. Be prepared for people to get rowdy! And of course, there’s always tailgating at the game that you can enjoy with your Wisconsin SUV rentals. It’s a unique experience compared to NFL tailgating.

The season has started strong, with a 4 win streak right now. The next home game is versus Purdue on October 14, followed by another home game versus Maryland on October 21. All home games have free pre-game tailgate parties that you can enjoy.

Buy tickets early

Football games in the state sell out quickly, so buy your tickets early. The earlier you can plan your schedule, the earlier you can book your Wisconsin SUV rentals and that’s always a good plan.

Make the most out of the football season when you reserve your Wisconsin SUV rentals from Mayfair today.

Learn How Wisconsin Corporate Rentals Can Help Your Business!

If you’re a business owner, you know that running a successful business is expensive. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, business prices are increasing each year. That’s why we offer top quality Wisconsin corporate rentals to help your business.

But how can Mayfair help you? Beyond our corporate rentals program (which we’d recommend for any frequent Wisconsin corporate rentals clients!), we can also offer preferred renters programs with exclusive deals. Find out what’s best for your company and how we can offer you top quality Wisconsin corporate rentals for your next business trip.

Saving with our Wisconsin corporate rentals program

Mayfair’s corporate rental program helps your business minimize travel expenses. When put up against one another, mile and petrol reimbursement costs far exceed the costs of paying for Wisconsin corporate rentals. In fact, the cost of fuel and mileage reimbursement for corporate cars or personal vehicles of employees is more than double that of paying for corporate rentals.

When you add the cost of corporate car fleet maintenance, you’re racking up excessive expenses for your business. Our Wisconsin corporate rentals help you cut these costs in half.

On top of this, our Wisconsin corporate rentals program offers deals and discounts to help you further save money. Our fleet has a wide range of vehicles that can fulfill any need. Whether you’re trying to impress a major client with a sleek vehicle or basing your vehicle choice on practicality and efficiency – Mayfair has it, without the maintenance costs of a fleet.

Other benefits of corporate rentals

When something goes awry with a Mayfair Wisconsin corporate rentals, you have service agents available to deal with the issue for you. Rather than worry about signing your employee fleet up for CAA or other service systems, Mayfair ensures your corporate rentals and employees are taken care of when they need it.

The great thing is that we accommodate businesses of any size. Our corporate rental program offers deals and discounts, as well as an accessible fleet, for any type of business. Big or small, we want to help you help your employees.

You don’t want your employees worrying about using their own vehicles for business trips. Not only is this costly and inconvenient on the business, it’s also a hassle for the employees themselves. Wherever possible, especially for business trips and conferences, it’s best to prevent your employees from having to use their personal cars. And when you have Mayfair’s Wisconsin corporate rentals, the use of rented vehicles becomes affordable and much safer as you know that the car will be well maintained and insured.

Personal preferred program

If you travel a lot for work, but your company is smaller and unable to cover the full cost of a corporate rental program, consider joining our preferred renters program. As a member, you’ll be granted access to special discounts and deals that aren’t offered to our regular customers. This is a great option if you travel regularly for work, and can save you in the long run in maintenance and fuel costs of your own vehicle. It is particularly useful if your home is not multi-vehicle and you share with other drivers.

However, we’d recommend you speak to your company about joining our corporate rentals program. We service both small and large businesses, so it’s a convenient option for any one looking to save money for their business. If your company hasn’t already signed up, we’d be happy to help you get started!

Make the right move for your business. Reserve your Wisconsin corporate rentals from Mayfair, and reap the rewards. Find out more on our website.

Choose Your Wisconsin Car Rentals Based on Reputation

Choosing your Wisconsin car rentals company can be tough. How do you know which is the best one for you? With all the options out there, between the little guys and the big dogs, it can feel overwhelming.

But there’s a simple way to know which Wisconsin car rentals company is the best for you – reputation. It’s easy for a company to say they’re trusted, but what do their customers say?

Read and compare

First off, peruse your options. Research which Wisconsin car rentals companies are out there, and take a look at their websites. It’s important to know what they say about themselves before going off to see reviews. They may even have testimonial or review pages on their website or social media.

These are a good place to start, particularly those on social media. How a company responds to negative reviews is important – it will tell you whether or not the company is accountable and can take responsibility to fix the issue. After all, every company has negative reviews: even the best restaurants have unhappy diners. But knowing how to navigate and rectify the problem is what helps a good company stand out.

As well as this, you can also compare what a Wisconsin car rentals company says about itself in comparison to what its clients say. If they’re talking about “high quality fleet” but multiple reviews complain about the quality or safety of the vehicle, you know not to trust them. Look also for vague wording, or the way that a company might twist a negative review to seem positive – whether in response to the review, or on their website. For instance, “affordable rentals” that actually mean an old, outdated fleet and limited services.

Check out review sites

Some companies will remove negative reviews from their social media sites. This is seen as unethical and improper practice, but it does happen. Of course, testimonials on company websites are often the best reviews that come in. While these can be helpful to know that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, particularly if they’re detailed, it’s also important to reviews on unbiased websites.

It’s natural for companies to want to avoid parading negative past reviews. Even though, as mentioned, every company has them, one bad experience can really affect a business. That’s what makes it so important to see these on a company’s SEO page, but also to take negative reviews with a grain of salt.

The best way to read negative reviews is against each other and against positive reviews. See where there’s consistency and where an issue seems to be a one-off. If a company is receiving multiple negative reviews about the same issue, without any appearance of fixing it, then it may not be the Wisconsin car rentals company to choose. Again – this is where a company’s ability to respond comes into play. If you see there were negative reviews about a problem a few months back, and in current reviews that no longer appears to be an issue, you know that a company is trustworthy, reliable, and ready to listen to their clientele.

After all, reputation becomes a reputation for a reason. Listen to it, and know what sources are reliable and which aren’t. At Mayfair, we understand how important reputation and customer reviews are. That’s why we’ve signed our company up for Review Push. It’s important that you can access reviews and information on our company when you’re deciding whether to reserve Wisconsin car rentals. We currently have more than 1000 reviews for you to peruse.

And if you decide to rent from us, please feel free to leave us a review! We value feedback, both negative and positive, and want to hear from our clients.

Head to Madison for IRONMAN Wisconsin 2017!

It’s finally here! IRONMAN Wisconsin is back, ready and roaring to go. Hosted in Madison on 10 September 2017, the city is known for having a rambunctious crowd and fantastic celebratory after-party. Our only piece of advice – book your Madison minivan rentals early in order to make the trip with the car of your choice.

IRONMAN is known for its tough competition and challenge beyond what most people will experience in a lifetime. At its core, it’s about human achievement. And what better place to host such an event than a university city in Midwest America – a true example of human civilization in the face of great odds. Whether you’re just watching or joining the race, use Mayfair’s Madison minivan rentals to get to Madison!

About IRONMAN Wisconsin

Every IRONMAN Race is a triathlon – swim, cycle, run. But every one is unique in its course, which is designed around the natural and human made terrain found in each host city.

As such, Madison has a lot to offer. IRONMAN’s swim takes place in Lake Monona. Situated in downtown Madison, spectators will have a chance to take in the race from Monona Terrace. If you’ve never been, you’re in for a treat. The terrace was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and as such, offers the beauty and wonder of his designs while also providing a panoramic view across the lake.

Next, athletes will cycle 16 miles out of town in loops stretching across Dane County. You may not be able to stick around for that if you’re a viewer! If that’s the case, head to the Verona Loop Festival where you’ll catch a glimpse of athletes, then entertain yourself the rest of the time with attractions. Here you’ll be able to grab a bite to eat from school groups selling munchies as a fundraising initiative.

Get there early! The festival begins at 9:30 am and runs until 3 p.m. But you don’t want to struggle to find parking for your Madison minivan rentals.

Finally, the athletes run their way around downtown Madison, the University of Madison campus, Camp Randall Stadium, State Street, and the Lake Mendota path. Along this way, racers will have the chance to see the scenic beauty of both urban and natural Wisconsin. If you’re a viewer, feel free to follow as much as possible and egg these great athletes on. Wisconsin support is well-known for being rambunctious and energetic.


There are several events happening across Madison for IRONMAN, other than the main triathlon. Many of these are for the athletes themselves. However, there are also options like the IRONKIDS race and the IRONMAN Wisconsin Fun Run, for which you register on Saturday, 9 September.

Events begin on Thursday, 7 September and run until Monday, 11 September during which awards will be given. That day, you’ll also have the option of the celebration breakfast.

But you certainly won’t want to miss the finish line party that cheers on final finishers around 10 pm at the finish line area on Sunday, 10 September. Madison is known for being particularly energetic during these parties, and for giving a rowdy, appreciative celebration for those who beat the challenge.

A full list of events can be found here. Plan, plan, plan is our advice. Know which events you can attend, and plan parking for your Madison minivan rentals around that. If you’re a spectator, you may also want to take a look at IRONMAN’s spectator guide to find out how you can make the most out of your trip.

Don’t leave anyone behind. Reserve your Madison minivan rentals from Mayfair to make sure the whole crew can see the show.

Introducing the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica in our Milwaukee Minivan Rental Fleet

Are you looking for something new and fresh? A family car with all the style of a luxury vehicle and the convenience of a Milwaukee minivan rental? Then you’re looking for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. And fortunately for you, we’ve just added it to our Milwaukee minivan rental lineup.

This vehicle kicks it up a notch. Forget the clunky minivan, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica offers the latest technology to make your trip chic, sleek, and efficient. We’re proud to introduce this vehicle and think that our clients will really love it. Just read on to find out why!

Gas mileage

Minivans are known for not having as efficient gas mileage as sedans and other smaller vehicles. While this is true, minivans are improving their mileage capabilities every year with new technology and resources.

The Chrysler Pacifica gets an average of 22 miles per gallon, or 18 city miles to the gallon and 28 highway miles. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can drive efficiently in your Milwaukee minivan rental. The biggest tip is brake slowly, and avoid speeding! This is particularly important to increase safety, as vehicles have much more weight to throw around than your typical sedan, and therefore need more time to brake.

Extra space

One of the biggest draws of a Milwaukee minivan rental is the added space. You won’t have to worry about being cramped and uncomfortable on your trip when you’re riding in a minivan.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica seats 8 comfortably. On top of this, it offers additional cargo space and stow & go seats. If you’ve never had stow & go, you’ll quickly learn to love them. These seats make traveling in large groups with luggage a breeze! You don’t need to worry about making space in the trunk for everyone’s bags.

Another particularly useful use of the stow & go is its ability to hide cargo from the children. Doing some early Christmas shopping? Have a birthday coming up? Take your Milwaukee minivan rental out while your kids are busy and stow the gifts away before they get back to see. Perfectly from some pre-Christmas shopping to get the worst of it out of the way before the bustle of late fall.

Other benefits of the Pacifica

The Pacifica, like most vehicles, now offers a wide range of other technological benefits to make your ride smoother. One of the most convenient options is the back-up camera. These have become increasingly popular as they enhance safety and reduce the risk of small collisions or fatal missteps.

Another health and safety feature are the second and third row sunshades. These are particularly great for families with small children. Protect their eyes while you drive – all parents know how tough it can be to get them to keep hats or sunglasses on!

For your convenience, a built-in navigation system and remote start are also offered, as well as power truck and side doors. Useful if you’ll be carrying plenty of luggage and can’t reach for the door!

Of course, there are other options that are more “luxury” items. While not necessarily required, they do make travel much more enjoyable! These include a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity, DVD player with seat-back video screen, and a touch screen headrest with built-in games. Your kids will never get bored traveling again!

And for your own enjoyment, both heated steering wheels and heated leather seats in the first and second row are available. Wisconsin winters are never fun – not to drive in at least! But the Chrysler Pacifica can help keep you warm and toasty in those long winter drives.

The Chrysler Pacifica is equipped and ready to take you where you need to go!  Contact the Mayfair location nearest you for additional details or reserve your own Milwaukee SUV rental directly on our website.

Enjoy the Football Season With A Milwaukee SUV Rental to Tailgate

Football season is upon us! In Wisconsin, we bleed green and gold. So when football season comes up, we take it seriously. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, it’s always fun to get into the spirit of the season. But it’s also smart to book your Milwaukee SUV rental early! Football season means tailgate season, after all!

If you’re hoping to enjoy a Packers game this year, then a crucial part of it is tailgating. We’d recommend a Milwaukee SUV rental, like one of our Suburbans, if you want the full tailgating experience.

Pick your game

Before you can reserve your Milwaukee SUV rental, you have to, of course, book your tickets! Book your tickets early and you can guarantee fitting a couple games in across the season. The Packer’s full game schedule can be found online here.

The earlier you book, the better. As mentioned, it’s also tailgating season for us, which means busy, busy, busy! The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the Milwaukee SUV rental that you really want.

Tailgating rules

Most Packers fans can tell you – tailgating rules! But there are also tailgating rules to follow if you want to have a fun, safe game.

The first thing to remember is that tailgating is a well-respected, time-honored tradition at Lambeau Field. They love that it happens! But they also want to make sure it’s done in a way that avoids any scuffles or danger. So first things first, only one parking spot per vehicle. There’s plenty of room to tailgate, so you won’t have to worry about that!

Second, keep an eye on your grill. Both charcoal and L.P. gas are allowed but they’re to be closely monitored, and closed grills. No open fires are permitted in the parking lot. We wouldn’t want a fire! You’re best advised to extinguish your grill a full half hour before you leave it for the game, and never leave a lit grill unattended. Remember that there’s plenty of motor oil, fuel, and grills around so it’s prime time for an uncontrollable fire.

Just be respectful and community-based. If you see a grill left lit when everyone is headed to the game, don’t be afraid to find the owner or put it out yourself. You could be protecting more than your own family and Milwaukee SUV rental.

Other than that, the doors are open for you! Bring a cooler and you’re set for a great day! If you’ve never been tailgating at a Packers game, you’ll quickly discover that the fans are some of the most loyal and passionate in all of the United States. If you’re a Packers fan, they’re welcome to open their doors. It’s a great, welcoming, friendly community. Trust us – you’ll want to experience it more than once!

Opening hours

The parking lot at Lambeau Field opens 4 hours before kick off. You’re welcome to show up at any time prior to that, though we’d recommend reserving parking in advance if possible. This will ensure your game day is all about fun and the Packers!

Information on parking reservation can be found here.

Rest rooms

This is something we often forget about until it’s too late. But fortunately, rest rooms are available for tailgaters around the parking lots until one hour before kick off. All the fun, with none of the discomfort. Please respect the field and the team by using these toilets.

Enjoy the Packers season with proper tailgating. Reserve your Milwaukee SUV rental from Mayfair today!

Go Packers, Go!


Various Ways to Reach Mayfair Wisconsin Car Rental Customer Support

Here at Mayfair, we’re all about our customers and our Wisconsin car rental community. We know that you make Mayfair. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with your Wisconsin car rental. We’ve created a network of customer support that ensures you always have an agent available when you need them.

Whether you’re contacting us by phone, branch, or online chat there will always be someone there to lend a helping hand. These resources offer a variety of services. Through any one line of customer support, you can confirm, alter, or make a new reservation. These resources will also allow you to inquire about vehicles, policies, and other inquires that may arise in your time renting from Mayfair.

Online Wisconsin car rental support

When you visit our website, you have various options for support available to you. You’ll see an instant message chat box open, or an inquiry box where you can send in your inquiry in email format to our Wisconsin car rental customer support team. We’ll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. You can also fill out our contact form here. Of course, instant chat is a quicker way to have immediate or urgent queries answered.

For general inquiries, we recommend a quick perusal of our FAQ page. The answer or solution to many common queries can be found here. Often, this is the quickest and most efficient way to have your question answered. Checking this page first will also help to prevent traffic jam on our telephone and online chats. Of course, we encourage a phone call or message if you can’t find an answer on our FAQ page, and would be more than happen to hear from you!

Telephone queries

All telephone queries are directed to our main reservation center. Here, you can take care of the practical details of your reservation while also putting forth any concerns or questions you may have.

The phone number of our reservation center is toll free, so no concern of racking up bills while driving your Wisconsin car rental around the state. The number is 1-877-200-3909.

This is potentially the quickest way to have urgent, immediate, or direct queries answered. As mentioned, for less immediate queries we would recommend online sources as it clears up the lines. However, we love hearing from our customers and want you to feel comfortable in your Wisconsin car rental. So we’re always here to take a call if you need us!

Contact a branch

Mayfair has 9 branches around Southeastern Wisconsin. At any point during, before, or after your rental period, you are more than welcome to visit a branch and speak to customer support.

Not able to make it in? Not a problem. If you want to speak to someone who is local and supportive, without making the trip in, call your nearest branch. Each one of our locations offers customer support on hand that is flexible and suited to your own unique region. They’ll be able to help you with general inquiries, as well as those that are location specific.

For a full list of our locations with phone numbers and location emails, see our website.

We’re here for you. Any concerns or questions you have will always be met with hospitality and a family-welcome – that’s a guarantee. Welcome to Mayfair, a community Wisconsin car rental company that prides itself on a family atmosphere and friendly spirit. Welcome home.

To join the Mayfair community, reserve your Wisconsin car rental today. Perfect for commutes, family trips, holidays, work training, temporary vehicles while your car is in the shop, and more.

Enjoy Convenience with Milwaukee Vehicle Rentals Extensions!

At Mayfair, we believe in convenience for our clients. And not just in what is convenient for us as a business – but what is convenient for our clients as individuals. However, we understand that life isn’t always convenient. Sometimes, the end date for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals aren’t always easy to meet.

Life happens. We understand that. And sometimes that means that you have to adapt your schedule to suit the unexpected. That also means that we have to adapt to suit the unexpected. That’s why we offer extensions on our Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

The renter must extend

The first rule of having your Milwaukee vehicle rentals extended is that it must be extended by the primary renter. That means that whoever is renting the car must be the person who makes the call, as well as the one who enters the agency to complete the extension.

When you originally take your Milwaukee vehicle rentals out, you’ll be asked the return date. You’ll also need to provide a return time. However, you also have the flexibility to change that if need be.

Available funds

When you extend your rental, you must make sure that the funds are available on the credit or debit card under which your rental is registered. If you’re paying in cash, then you must make sure to attend the original rental branch to make the extension in person. Once there, you’ll be able to make a cash deposit in order to be granted an extension. Furthermore, funds must be available before the extension can be approved. If this is the case, then you’ll need to adhere to the original return date and time for your Milwaukee vehicle rentals.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be aware that your price will change. While this goes without saying for most clients, it never hurts to remind our clients! Our original quoted price will change to accommodate the extra days required.

No extra fees

While some car rental companies may charge admin costs for extra days, we simply add on fees for those days without admin costs. After all, our company is about convenience. And what could be convenient about a bill that is beyond reason? We don’t believe that a bill with exorbitant administration fees is within reasonable limits. That’s why we make sure that you are charged only for what you’re using.

Check your insurance

Mayfair Wisconsin vehicle rentals offer more than just extensions. We have the opportunity of providing a wide variety of rental benefits, including insurance.

Of course, if you have your own insurance, you need to ensure you are covered for the extended period. While there’s no reason that your coverage shouldn’t offer you protection for the extra couple days, it doesn’t hurt to check. Otherwise, make sure you’ve extended your insurance with Mayfair.

Extra fees

If there are extra fees, you will be made aware of them. For instance, the $10 a day for an extra driver will continue if you have an extra driver while you extend your rental. Additionally, any fees you had for insurance, underage drivers, a fuel purchase plan, or other benefits included in your rental will be added with your rental extension. Remember these when you’re asking for a new quote.

Of course, our cleaning fees will continue to apply if you return a dirty car. Make sure you keep your vehicle clean upon return. Remove trash, and give it a quick brush out to remove any excess dirt. This will help reduce any fees you may incur.

For convenient rentals, reserve your Milwaukee vehicle rentals from Mayfair today.

The Myriad Benefits of Booking a Wisconsin Passenger Van Rental

Do you have a group trip coming up? Trying to figure out the logistics to make this trip as relaxing and efficient as possible? Look no further than Mayfair’s Wisconsin passenger van rentals with 10, 12, or 15 seats. We’re confident that our rental options are best for any group travel. After all, the world is your oyster, and having a proper vehicle for your holiday opens up imaginable opportunities!

Summer camps in Wisconsin

Are you traveling with a group of kids to or from summer camp? Then a passenger van is perfect.

If you’re working with the camp, then a passenger van is definitely the way to go for day trips. Our passenger vans offer convenient, comfortable, and efficient travel options for kids. They get plenty of space to chat, while you have the space to drive safely.

If you’re a parent with a group of kids – whether your own or yours and your kids’ friends – then a passenger van is the most eco-friendly option for commute. Car pool in comfort with our Wisconsin passenger van rentals.

For a list of overnight summer camps in Wisconsin, see here. For all other camps, including daytime camps and youth programs, visit Wisconline Summer Camps.

Mission trips and visiting missionaries

Mission trips can take all forms. Whether it’s construction work, work with the food pantry, or less fortunate communities, transporting groups of missionaries will take Wisconsin passenger van rentals. These vans also have the space to bring any supplies and cargo you need for the trip.

Food pantry needs

Running a food pantry is never easy work. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and, for certain errands, a vehicle that can take the work. Our Wisconsin passenger van rentals have the space for your volunteers as well as your cargo. After all – the more the merrier!

And of course, it’s always easier to do shopping and pick up trips when you’ve got more people.

Camping in Wisconsin

Outdoor activities are big in Wisconsin. We love everything to do with the outdoors, and have myriad activities on offer because of it. Camping is a major summer activity. And camping in groups can be a blast!

Of course, then, you’ll need Wisconsin passenger van rentals. When it comes down to it, if you’re camping in the Wisconsin wild then you love nature. And why waste fuel or add to your carbon footprint by renting multiple vehicles? Using your Wisconsin passenger van rentals to bring the whole gang camping will allow you to go camping in an eco-friendly style.

There’s also plenty of cargo space for your food, equipment, and whatever entertainment you need to bring for the trip.

Benefits of passenger vehicles

At Mayfair, we believe in option and opportunity. That’s why we offer 10, 12, and 15 passenger vehicles for all of your group travel needs. But you also need to be aware of fuel needs. However, we don’t want this to discourage customers from renting Wisconsin cargo van rentals – after all, you save in other costs. But it’s important you know the fuel capacity. For city, it’s 14 MpG, and for highway it’s 19.

For additional safety, Mayfair’s Wisconsin cargo van rentals also offer rearview back-up cameras and a reverse sensing system. Many drivers become uncomfortable at the thought of driving a vehicle larger than they’re used to. The reverse sensing system will give you peace of mind, as well as added physical safety to you and your passengers.

Enhance your summer holiday with Wisconsin cargo van rentals from Mayfair. Reserve yours today!

Back to School! Reserve a Milwaukee Cargo Van for Moving Day

It’s your favorite time – moving season! Though it may feel like you just moved your kid yesterday, it’s finally that time again to move your kids back to school. While they may be excited to be going back, you’re probably getting flashbacks to the chaos of last moving day. Don’t get stressed – get a Milwaukee cargo van from Mayfair.

Plan, plan, plan!

Many college kids work best on a deadline. That is, they work best in the 48 hours before the deadline. This may mean that the push for a plan could be up to you. And planning is important – after all, organization requires forethought.

If you don’t have a vehicle, or at least not one large enough for moving, then you’ll need to reserve a Milwaukee cargo van. The sooner you reserve your vehicle, the better. Suburbans and pick up trucks are also available for smaller moves. All you have to do is pick the right one for you.

Properly packing your Milwaukee cargo van

When moving, it’s important to pack your vehicle properly. Of course, there are many ways to properly pack your vehicle, depending on how much cargo there is. However, we can offer you some times.

Similarly to packing the boxes themselves, it’s important to balance the weight. Largest items go to the back. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean all of your heaviest items should go along the back wall. As mentioned, balance the weight equally around the cargo area. You don’t want unbalanced weight to throw off your Milwaukee cargo van while turning corners or braking.

Next, don’t forget the insulation! Protect your breakables from damage by adding in lots of pillows, packing popcorn, and blankets.

For a more detailed explanation of how to properly pack your Milwaukee cargo van, see our blog. We offer complete advice on ensuring easy loading and unloading to make your day a little more efficient.

Book parking

Parking around the university isn’t always easy to come by – particularly during moving time. Book your parking spot early.

But don’t just book anywhere. Do some research in advance to find the best parking spots around the university residences. Useful in this task are parking apps. The City of Milwaukee released the MKE Park app that helps you pay for meter parking across the city to avoid the hassle of coins.

Similarly, ParkMe is a useful website that helps you find parking around the city. It tells you prices, location, distance from your destination, and whether or not you can reserve a spot in the lot.

Earlier the better

It’s a classic tale – early bird gets the worm! The earlier in the day you move, the better. It will be less chaotic, and to keep the flow of movers steady as you leave your spot another comes in.

However, the earlier in the month you can move, the better. Some dormitories limit the days in which you can move in. If that’s so, then you won’t have much choice in days. But if your child is moving into an apartment, the earlier you can get the moving out of the way, the easier it will be.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to avoid the rush. But if you show up and can’t find a spot, or there’s simply no room to move in, sometimes later in the day really is your best bet. Most parents don’t want to be moving in the evening, after all. The benefit of moving in a Milwaukee cargo van, suburban, or pick up truck is that you don’t have to deal with the bulk of hefty moving trailers.

Plan, reserve, stay stress-free. Book your Milwaukee cargo van or truck rental from Mayfair Rent-A-Car today!