Chase Waterfalls in Your Wisconsin Sedan Rentals this Spring

Wisconsin is full of natural wonders. That’s not news to residents and frequent visitors. If you’ve ever taken a scenic drive or a road trip in your Wisconsin sedan rentals through the country, you’ll have caught glimpses of waterfalls along the roadways. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for!

Wisconsin has a selection of beautiful waterfalls across its landscape. All you need to do is reserve your Wisconsin sedan rentals, get a GPS, and pack a picnic. And, of course, you may not want to forget your camera. Are you ready to be amazed?

Iron County

Iron County is known for its waterfalls. With 5 out of the 10 tallest falls in the state, you won’t be underwhelmed by the views here. Iron County also has more falls than any other county in the state.

As well as Upson Falls, which are a must-see, there’s Potato River Falls. These cascades are well-known and for good reason! They drop 90 feet into the Potato River. Take your Wisconsin sedan rentals just outside the town of Gurney to see this majestic natural wonder.

Cascade and Geiger Falls, Osceola

Cascade Falls are both beautiful, and historical. They were foundational in the growth of Osceola after its founding in 1886 and continue to hold a special place in the people’s hearts. In earlier days, the falls allowed the creation of a mill and a brewery that supported the city.

The falls stretch 25 feet, and at the top of the staircase leading up you’ll find a statue of Seminole Chief Osceola. At the top of Cascade Falls, you’ll find the smaller Geiger Falls, which take their name from the brewing industry in the city.

If you visit around dusk, you won’t regret it. Bring a romantic picnic with your sweetheart and watch the waterfalls light up with an array of color.

During the day, walk down the stairs to Wilkie Glen to see the drop from Osceola Creek into the St. Croix river. Then hike downstream for more spectacular views, or up to the bluff for a stunning aerial view of the city.

Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

This journey is one for the more adventurous type. If you’re looking to get out and stretch a bit after what may have been a long drive in your Wisconsin sedan rentals, then head up to Cornucopia’s Lost Creek Falls. The falls are a couple miles south of the city, but to get there you’ll need to do more than drive. There’s a 2-mile hike through the woods to reach the 15-foot falls.

Once there, though, you’ll be happy you made the trip. The falls drop into a pool surrounded by trees. And the falls themselves offer enough space between the water and rocks to take a walk behind the cascade. This is a rare find for the state! Trust us, it’s worth it.

Marinette County

If you’re looking for an easy drive in your Wisconsin sedan rentals, then Marinette County is the place to go. There are more than a dozen waterfalls around the rivers that run in this county. And the county park a mile south of Amberg provides a day full of fun. The park itself is just outside Dave’s Falls – a sight you won’t want to miss. The Lower Falls surge 10 feet down a chute but the upper falls go a mere 6 feet and land into a pool that is great for a little swim (weather permitting, of course!).

When you’re not walking the falls, kids can enjoy the playground and a small wade into Pike River. There’s a parking lot on the site, so you don’t have to worry about where to park your Wisconsin sedan rentals.

Now you know what to go, all you need is a way to get there. Reserve your Wisconsin sedan rentals from Mayfair today.