Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in your Budget Wisconsin Car Rentals

Memorial Day is just around the corner on May 29th. In Wisconsin, this weekend is pretty exciting. Memorial Day Weekend means that the World’s Largest Brat Fest is back in town. As with any holiday weekend, you’ll want to reserve your budget Wisconsin car rentals early to ensure a secure booking.

There’s a range of events happening across the state to help you enjoy the holiday weekend. And when in doubt, Memorial Day is a great weekend for camping! So pack your budget Wisconsin car rentals with all of your gear, food, and some firewood and head out for a relaxing weekend.

World’s Largest Brat Fest

Love brats? Get on out to the World’s Largest Brat Fest at Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. Beginning on Friday, May 26 and running until Monday, May 29, you’ll have access to four days of food, music, and fun.

The festival is so much more than just food, though. It includes music and a variety of “zones” and events to keep the entire family entertained. Some of these include “Take Your Brat To Work Day” (including an option for delivery), appearance of the Budweiser Clydesdales, Kid’s Zone and Bounce Zone, Bike for Brats, Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways Carnival, and so much more. Find a full list of events here.

Musical events in Brat Fest are always adored. This year there’s a wide range of musicians and bands for your entertainment. Some of these musicians include Foo Foo Dolls, George Clinton, Bobaflex, Hawk Nelson, Kelly Jackson, Pilot, Everclear, Angels & Outlaws, Madison County, Adelaide, and many, many more.

You won’t have an issue parking. Not only does the Alliant Energy Center offer more than 5,800 paved, fully lit parking spots but they’re for your use free of charge. That’s right! You can comfortably park your budget Wisconsin car rentals without taking any more fees from your wallet.

Get out to enjoy the great outdoors

Wisconsin is the perfect place for enjoying the great outdoors, and Memorial Day Weekend, traditionally, is the time when camping officially begins. Sports fishermen, avid campers, hikers, cyclists, and marine sports enthusiasts will be in their glory this holiday weekend. It really is the official kick off to summer. Ramp up your budget Wisconsin car rentals!

Here at Mayfair, we love to encourage our budget Wisconsin car rentals clients to get out and about to explore the state. Our blog offers a wide variety of articles that offer tips on all kinds of activities in the state.

Where there’s a waterfall, there’s a way. Wisconsin’s wonderful waterfalls line the region and offer spectacular views – as well as great camping and sports activities. We’ve outlined a list of waterfalls around the state that are perfect for a scenic drive in your budget Wisconsin car rentals or for a camping weekend away.

But, be smart – arrive early. Camping around the waterfalls is a popular pastime. These areas offer kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and many other adventures that make these camping sites a desirable spot. To ensure a place in one of these lovable camping zones, you need to arrive as early as possible. If you can, take the Thursday off work as well to begin your weekend early. This has the added benefit of ensuring you avoid hectic Memorial Day Weekend traffic.

Pick the right rentals

Every car serves a purpose. If you’re planning on a weekend in the city, enjoying the slower movement of the urban center as half the population goes off camping, then a luxury sedan may be right for you. A nice car to go for dinner and hit the down – what could be better? Otherwise, you will want something a little more functional.

Our SUVs and minivans are great choices for the weekend camping trip. These vehicles offer the cargo and passenger space needed for group and family trips, but don’t have the inefficient fuel mileage of most pick-up trucks.

Don’t wait a moment longer. Plan for Memorial Day Weekend today when you reserve your budget Wisconsin car rentals from Mayfair.