The People Behind Mayfair

Mayfair is operated by a group of hard-working, hands-on entrepreneurs, all of whom are dedicated to providing high quality service. Safety and security is a main focus at Mayfair, not only for our customers, but also for our employees. Mayfair recognizes that strong, knowledgeable employees are the backbone of every company, providing the foundations of a successful business investment. Mayfair’s employees treat the company’s resources as their own, providing our customers with a positive, informative rental experience. At Mayfair, every employee and agent is committed to providing customers with the ideal renting experience.

Who are Mayfair’s employees?

The employees at Mayfair are regular folks that live, work, and play in the neighborhoods that surround Mayfair’s branch offices. Our employee’s support the same charities, shop at the same stores and care about the same communities as many of our loyal customers. As a result, our employees are dedicated to providing their neighbors with compassion and respect. Mayfair refuses to tolerate discourteous, dishonest employees, and insists that their staff have a strong work ethic and public-orientated attitude.