Milwaukee Parking Permits

Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can avoid costly parking tickets during their upcoming Wisconsin vacation by applying for one of the city’s popular night parking permits. While overnight parking is permitted in some areas of the city, there are still a number of neighborhoods that require a permit. The following are detailed instructions for obtaining this coveted parking pass.

Who Should Apply for an Overnight Parking Permit?

All motor vehicles can apply for a night parking permit. However, some vehicles are not eligible for this permit. These include:

  • Vehicles used for commercial purposes. This includes any vehicle which is larger than 21 feet in length, 7 feet wide, and 7 feet high. Vehicles that have more than 2 single-tired wheels on the front axle and more than 2 single-tired or double-tired wheels on the rear axle.
  • Motor trucks, luxury limousines, motor buses, motor delivery wagons, trailers, semitrailers, camping trailers, motor homes and tractors.
  • Vehicles that are marked with a Disabled Driver license plate (these cars do not require a permit to park on the street at night). If you have a Disabled Driver hang-tag to display in one of our Milwaukee car rentals, remember to pick up a special disabled night permit from Public Works (these permits are free to owners of a valid tag).

Vehicles that display a night parking permit must also have a valid license plate. What’s more, vehicles may not be parked in the same space for more than 24 hours.

What Does a Night Parking Permit Application Entail?

Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can apply for an overnight parking permit using the following information:

  • The name and City of Milwaukee address of the permit applicant.
  • The license plate number, state of issuance, make, model, and body type of the vehicle to be permitted.
  • The expiration date of the permit applied for.

Overnight parking permits in Milwaukee cost $55 a year or $20 for a four month period. Four month periods run from January to April, May to August, and September to December. Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can purchase a permit at any time within the quarter, beginning on the 20th day of the month preceding the start of the period. Annual permits can be purchased beginning on the 20th day of the month preceding the beginning of the year. These permits can be purchased at any time of the year and prorated by the four month period in which the permit is purchased.

Where Can I Purchase a Permit?

Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can purchase night parking permits online at The only system accepts MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. Please not there is a $2.25 convenience charge for using this service. Once you payment has been process, keep your confirmation number handy. Your permit will arrive in the mail.

Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can also purchase permits in person at any Police District Station. For more information on the Station nearest you, please call 414-933-4444414-933-4444. Automated payment centers have been installed at Police Districts #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 to help process night parking permits in a more convenient manner. These automated payment centers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals can pay with cash, check or credit card at these kiosks. All transactions are executed in real time with no delay in processing. There is no transaction fee to use the payment center to purchase a parking permit.

Other locations that issue permits include:

North Side Violations Bureau
6223 N. Teutonia Avenue
Monday-Friday, 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday, 8 am – 12 Noon

South Side Violations Bureau
2980 S. Chase Avenue
Monday-Friday, 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday, 8 am – 12 Noon

Central Violations Bureau
Police Administration Building
951 N. James Lovell Street, 2nd Floor
Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

City of Milwaukee Tow Lot
3811 W. Lincoln Avenue
Monday-Friday, 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday, 8 am – 12 Noon

Where Should I Place My Permit?

Travelers in Milwaukee car rentals should place their parking permit in the upper corner of the rear window on the driver’s side.

If your vehicle features a non-glass back window, it’s recommended that you place the parking permit in the inside lower left corner of the front windshield. Similarly, if your vehicle has deeply-tinted rear windows, no rear window, or any other factor that impedes visibility, it is recommended that you place the permit on the inside lower left corner of the driver’s side windshield.

Parking in Milwaukee doesn’t have to be a pain. Purchase your night parking permit today in order to avoid unnecessary tickets during your upcoming Wisconsin vacation. For more information on parking permits in Milwaukee, log on to the official City Of Milwaukee website at